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Sat June 18th. Phact Pcnic/Investigation of Ringing Rocks

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  • Eric Krieg
    People, Don t forget that next Saturday the 18th is our annual picnic in a new location: Saturday June 18th Phact Picnic and investigation of Ringing Rocks
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2005


         Don't forget that next Saturday the 18th is our annual picnic in a new location:

      Saturday June 18th Phact Picnic and investigation of “Ringing Rocks”
       We will have a picnic and a field trip to investigate the claim of evil energy blocking life at the rock field. Directions to Ringing Rocks:   - Take Rt.611 by-pass north around Doylestown - Approximately 12 miles after limited access section ends,  Rt.611 bends to the right while Rt.412 goes straight - stay on Rt.611 - In approximately 2 more miles, Rt.611 makes a 90 degree bend to the left.  There is a big ringing rocks sign here. Stay straight which is Marienstein Rd - Marienstein Rd goes around a 90 deg corner to the right and then makes a left turn, follow it instead of Beaver Run Rd which goes straight - Follow Marienstein Rd approximately 4 miles to Ringing Rocks Rd - Make a left onto Ringing Rocks Rd  - Parking lot for the park will be on the right 
      large map closer map->  http://tinyurl.com/cv5d7

       For years, there have been stories of bad ley lines or strange forces at work preventing even birds from flying over this site.  Feel free to bring a compass to see if it really does spin out of control in this area . . .  oh and hammers to try your own "rock music".  Bring food and beverages along for a picnic.  We will hang out in the area from 11 till perhaps as late as 4 - we should have Jeff offering some bag piping music.

      a more pro paranormal mystery mongering account of ringing rocks can be found at:


      our own investigation from about 10 years ago is found at:  


      other general descriptions of the area are found from:

      Also, remember our group goes on hiatus till the first lecture meeting starting the 3rd Saturday in September.   We could use a volunteer to help render Phactum issues into web pages.  In other news, I'll be making a field trip to visit the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab in Princeton - let me know if you'd like in on that.  Our group got a mention in Forbes magazine as found at:


      The most recent issue of Time magazine mentioned the SSE Society for Scientific Exploration meeting recently whereI was able to speak at - more about that in our next issue of Phactum.

      have a great summer,    Eric Krieg



      Eric Krieg

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