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PhACT update: fox news tonight, Nov 20th and Dec 21st meetings

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  • eric
    People, Tonight Fox news at 10pm (or failing that on the Sunday night ) should have a 3 minute story about the alleged hauntings of Philadelphia s Fort Mifflin
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2004
          Tonight Fox news at 10pm (or failing that on the Sunday night ) should have a 3 minute
      story about the alleged hauntings of Philadelphia's Fort Mifflin featuring sound bites from
      Rodney Anonymous, Bob Glickman and me.  The 3 of us had stayed over night there to
      investigate after a number of reports.
         On Nov 20th at 2pm, we 3 (me, only recorded on video) will appear in a
      discussion forum for our meeting at the Philadelphia Community College.
          Our annual solstice party has imposed on the generosity of old Jack Rohr for years - but
      this year, we will meet at MONTCO English professor, Bonnie Finkelstein's house.
      The following are directions (members only) to our Winter Solstice party Dec 21st:

      BBF - 1021 Melrose Avenue

                Melrose Park  PA  19027

                Phone:  (215) 635-2882



      Directions from MCCC:



      Take 202 south to 73, Skippack Pike.



      Turn left, and take 73 to Bethlehem Pike, about 5 miles

                (1st light after going under bridge).



      Turn right at Bethlehem Pike, go to next light, and turn

                left, onto Church Road.



      Stay on Church Road for 5.7 very curvy miles, until you

                cross Old York Road (Rt. 611).



      Turn right on Old York Road, pass one light and go under

                RR bridge.

                (EP Square on right, with Blockbuster Video)



      After RR bridge, count lights and turn left at 4th one

                (Elkins, Spring, Ashbourne, Melrose).

                (Gratz College-Mandell Education Campus sign)



      Once on Melrose Avenue, go 2 blocks.

                After you cross the 2nd street, it's the 2nd house on

                the left, 1021 Melrose.
         In other news, Dover school distinct in southern PA is allowing a new biology curricula that treats Evolution on the same basis with "competing theories".  More on this story at
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