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Fun session at PGO Saturday 3pm

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  • Russell B. Kaspar
    Company s com in.... Some may call it a work session...but I ll call it a Fun Session at PGO Saturday. Session starts at 3 pm - ? We will just prep the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2007
      Company's com'in....

      Some may call it a work session...but I'll call it a "Fun Session" at PGO Saturday.

      Session starts at 3 pm - ?

      We will just prep the observatory, Nature Center, etc. and Grounds for Company.

      Bring: Vaccum cleaners with hose
      Paint Brushes
      light carpentry tools
      rags and cleaning supplies ...cleaning water
      Weed whipper if you want...but Hoppy has this mostly well under control!
      Fans to plug in to keep us cool??

      Here is a partial list of "to do's"

      1) Paint newly installed crossbars on both 16 inch supports. trim up other places as needed. Crossbars are already installed!!!!
      2) fine tune dome building as needed. Russ does have aviation pullys John might like to install.
      3) dispose items as needed or store elsewhere.... including boxes in dome and other areas
      4) Prep Nature center with red tubes (permission granted to do this now)
      5) Clean and Set up Nature center for seating and lectures (permission granted to do this now) Clean bathrooms and other rooms as needed.
      6) Clean showers at Lodge Post shower schedule, or have ready to post.
      7) Wood Chips in path between warming room and new 16" ---go easy on the binocular mound...does not really need it.
      8) Clean/dust all buildings at observatory
      9) Other items as needed.
      10) Russ has proof of program for your review before final print.
      11) ideas-other things I forgot to put here. Weed Whipping is in great shape at observatory. ...Hoppy has that under control for the most part.
      12) Trim the dense tree south of Nature center outside window? (Get Hoppys ok first, but low hanging branches make it hard to walk through this often-used path.)
      13) Set up judging room for Great Con


      A) You are invited to stay for viewing Saturday night.
      B) Russ and Susan will have Meat and Drinks. Russ will also have iced drinks available during the session. Target eat time---6pm
      C) Bring other food items for all if you think of it to fill in. We are planning for about 12-15 people...that always seems to work out about right.

      D) Purdue University Club will have an evening meeting / dinner cookout in the Rotary Shelter. Some may stick around to view with us. If you see an odd face...he's probably a Purdue alum. Ask 'em to join us next week for the Star Party! There may be 50 or so with the Purdue Group.

      We have the Nature Center. They have the Rotary Shelter.

      E) Hoppy just built a brand new swing set in the play area...including an adult swing...looks nice!

      F) Ring the bell as often as you can to bug John Mahony. If he tapes the bell, remove tape.

      Russ Kaspar
      Shine 99/WSHW & WILO Station Manager
      V.P. Kaspar Broadcasting Co., Inc.
      P.O. Box 545
      Frankfort, IN 46041
      (765) 659-3338
      Phone: 765-659-3338 Fax: 765-654-3484
      e-mail: rk@...

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