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  • ...example am working on computing in an energy-efficient manner, which also seems to fit the loose objectives of Permaculture. Cheers, Rick van Rein GroenGemak http://groengemak.nl/
    Rick van Rein Jun 2, 2008
  • ...getting a list returned. That sort of thing is only possible with the structured data of a database, not with wikified information. -Rick
    Rick van Rein May 30, 2008
  • ...think of prunus' hydrogen cyanide which is a tonic for the digestion track when taken in small enough doses. And many, many more! Rick van Rein GroenGemak
    Rick van Rein May 12, 2008
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  • ...making a point of objective, well-documented and verifiable tests of biodynamics to overcome prejudice about ancient rites. Thanks -Rick
    Rick van Rein May 10, 2008
  • ...because if it works and if it can help to feed the world in a sustainable manner, then the world should know about it. Cheers, Dr.ir. Rick van Rein GroenGemak http://groengemak.nl/en/ P.S. I am not saying this is my only hope for feeding the World. It is one factor...
    Rick van Rein May 9, 2008
  • ...discussion. I would like to get some more information on biodynamics anyway, it's a tickling topic to me. Kind regards, Dr.ir. Rick van Rein GroenGemak The Netherlands http://groengemak.nl/en/
    Rick van Rein May 7, 2008
  • ...always, we are free to act for ourselves, just not to trade in the food supplement (which is actually illegal I understood). Cheers, Rick van Rein
    Rick van Rein May 1, 2008
  • ...that respect, and now we have caught their attention. We'll do all we can to get the permaculturally best out of that :) Cheers, Rick van Rein GroenGemak http://groengemak.nl/en/
    Rick van Rein Apr 7, 2008
  • People, Please stay on topic -- this list is about plants and their capabilities. Other topics, especially when it gets personal, are best handled off-list. -Rick
    Rick van Rein Feb 20, 2008
  • ...azch2veg.htm#Chay If your variety of Chaya has no such problems, let ECHO know! Does your variety lack the stinging underside? Cheers, Rick van Rein
    Rick van Rein Oct 16, 2007