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Some questions from our discussion groups

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  • Richard Morris
    As well as this mailing list PFAF also has a set of discussion groups linked to each page in the site and the plants in the database.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2002
      As well as this mailing list PFAF also has a set of discussion
      groups linked to each page in the site and the plants in the database.
      We get quite a few people posting questions to these groups
      which might spark a bit of discussion. I'm posting some
      of these queries below. If you do reply it would be great
      if you also reply to the email address of the sender.


      Richard Fiorino rich@... wrote:
      Where can I find bleached line flax for spinning?

      Barry A.Clark jasminkay39@...
      Caravan site with a shady wood with Oak trees & Mountain Ash.
      Ground is Grey Clay so its slim on the top in Winter & like
      concrete in Summer.Loads of Fiberous Tree roots. Need lists
      of Plants & Shrubs.Its also on a Slop facing due South in
      Shropshire UK.

      A.Wigmore amjwigmore@...

      I grow various unusual tubers in my raised vegetable beds:
      oxalis tuberosa, tropaeolum tuberosum , apios americana,
      dioscorea batatas (that one does not do well, probably too
      cold without protection), yacon. I wonder if any or all of
      them will benefit from a load of compost, and whether it is
      good to grow them in the same place year after year?

      Myrtus Ugni: I have had two plants for some three years, one in a
      bed, one in poorish soil in the front garden. One was fruiting
      when I bought it, never has done since. The other was rather
      bigger when I bought it and has never fruited. The fruit were
      delicious, but how to get them to give me some more?

      Tom Hennen thennen@...

      I need a recommendation for a good ground cover plant for a home
      located on Galveston Bay south of Houston, Texas. It has been
      suggested that I use "Asian Jasmine". I have very little knowledge
      of gardening, let alone this specific plant. Please help! Thanks!

      Unknown wrote

      I have a large area planted with junipers for erosion control. My
      problem is controlling the grass that grows within the plants.
      Is there a way to stop the growth of grass and not damage the plants?

      Ute Beling diesiebdruckerei@...

      I'm looking for seed or help fur cultivation .
      Also I'm looking for a whole Tagua nut ( natural ivory )
      If there is someone who likes to contact me .
      I am from Hamburg Germany.
      Thanks a lot.

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