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Re: Visiting PFAF this half-term week?

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  • treaclemine2004
    Dear Rich, Many thanks for the rapid reply! ... I ll ring once we re arrived in the area? ... So you re the main guide , and there s no working parties this
    Message 1 of 3 , May 27, 2005
      Dear Rich,

      Many thanks for the rapid reply!

      > For visiting the Cornwall site please ring 01208 872 963 or email
      > kenfern1@b...

      I'll ring once we're arrived in the area?

      > It not really possible to visit the Devon site at the moment. We're in
      > the process of cleaning the site

      So you're the main 'guide', and there's no working parties this week?

      > and I'm trying to finish my PGCE course so won't be free until July.

      Ah! I'm doing a PGCE too, but with the OU, so I'm due to finish in December. I'm training
      in secondary science ...?

      Thanks! (I'm going offline at 08:30 tomorrow BTW)
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