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Re: [pfaf] galanga and alpinia sp.

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  • Luca "Jama"
    Hello! Thanks for reply. In the meantime I ve received a copy of the huge opera omnia Cornucopia II by S. Facciola. There there s a reference to Alpinia
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 21, 2005
      Thanks for reply. In the meantime I've received a copy of the huge opera
      omnia "Cornucopia II" by S. Facciola. There there's a reference to Alpinia
      caerulea: "tender, young tips of the rhizome have distinct ginger-like
      flavor and may be eaten. The pleasantly acid pulp that surrounds the seeds
      is also edible."
      After this I've looked at my plants that at this time are growing new
      shoots, but I'm a little confused, because young tips of the rhizome
      (shoots) are already enough fibrous and not so tender, I mean they are
      tender (and dark brown coloured) when they're 1-2 cm long then they start to
      hard the external part and they change their colour to lighter brown then
      reddish brown and at least the first leaf opens. So is the edible part that
      2 cm long tender shoot? Isn't it too small? I haven't still tried to cut off
      that young shoots, but I think that cutting them new shoots will come, I'll
      Just for information I'm located in southern Italy (Sicily island) and here
      the species grows very well. Both A.caerulea and A.zerumbet grows well as I
      think any other species of this genus. They suffer a little cold
      temperatures (here they rarely goes below zero degrees celsius) and leaves
      goes browny, but I cut down to ground at start of spring damaged shoots and
      new ones grow up. Last year they flowered for first time and it was during
      july, but they didn't set seeds, we'll see this year. The species is also
      very easy propagated via rhizome cuttings. I've received A.zerumbet cuttings
      from Reunion islands and after that long travel they started to grow very
      well once put under the ground.

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