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Yahoo! Groups has a new look!

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  • Phil Slade
    Yahoo! Groups has a new look! Here s a quick look at what s changed: Focus on Content: • We ve streamlined page layout so it s easy for you to view content -
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2005
      Yahoo! Groups has a new look!
      Here's a quick look at what's changed:
      Focus on Content:
      We've streamlined page layout so it's easy for you to
      view content - messages, photos, and files - that
      members have shared.
      Vitality Alerts:
      • We've added vitality alerts for recent activity on
      the Yahoo! Groups home page, the My Groups page, and
      the main page of every group. Now it's easy to track
      when a new message or photo is posted to one of your
      Group Photos:
      • Your group's description photos are now included in
      the Yahoo! Groups directory and in search. These
      thumbnail images also appear on the Yahoo! Groups home
      page for your groups.
      • We've added message previews so you can get a quick
      snapshot of messages and decide if you want to read
      • We've made it easier for you to find and get to
      know fellow group members. The Members list is now
      searchable by all members, not just group owners and
      • You can now search for members by Yahoo! ID or
      alias. (Previously you could search only by email
      • You can now choose group colors with confidence.
      Yahoo! Groups will automatically change your group's
      font color to contrast the colors you've selected for
      your pages. This means that members will be able to
      easily read all the text, no matter what colors you
      choose for your group.
      Tips & Suggestions:
      • We've added tips and suggestions throughout the
      site to help you get more out of Yahoo! Groups.

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