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Re: Fw: Blagdon up for sale (was: [pfaf] Pfaf website now up and running

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  • Sean Maley
    The king is right. We talk about keeping nature and social equityon a positive growth pattern, but we forget that the machine uses moneyto justify our
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 22, 2005
      The king is right.  We talk about keeping nature and social equity on a positive growth pattern, but we forget that the machine uses money to justify our struggle.  Why not start profitable businesses and then wrest control back when the timing is right?  It's about the most non-violent means of fighting back that is available to us.  Chalet rentals are a very high profit concept, but why stop there?  The more money the property makes (ecologically and equitably), the more it can assist other natural treasures and people escape the machine.

      We are a bubble fighting to escape the boiling water.  The frog might not care, but we have figured it out that we are all going to die if we don't escape.  This may not be the time to panic, but we sure wouldn't be hurting by starting soon to fight in a financially sustainable way, in addition to our social and ecological act.  Time to tell mother that we are ready to stand on our own.

      --- King Amdo wrote:
      Hi ewt!

      Perhaps if you go for the reapplication of planning
      permmision option you might offer options to local
      people...people that were born in the area at a 50%
      discount, say. (under the same site ethos

      I really don't see that holiday planning would be a
      problem...the site could still work...and that could
      even be resolved later on. I mean global warming is
      now a reality...these local councils must surely
      start being more progressive! They should really
      give full time residency permission...but
      whatever..thios could really work! If you do this
      you'd raise so much money that the charity could end
      up giveng bursaries away.

      To rent the land out for grazing would be a deafeat
      by the oppositte energy...I've seen this happen
      before...livestock ranching is the problem in the UK
      countryside...ceratinly in Upland areas....People
      would even reant out a couple of acres for the tiny
      rent that this would provide rather than planting
      trees....Please think of all the blackbirds etc
      nesting in those brambles. If this area was rented
      out for grazing, then this would mean genocide for


      Tempuratures are rising, higher and higher...
      Temperatures are rising, right up to the sky!
      Profit sheep graze seem the only way,
      get a job boy sort yer self out,
      forget that sharing hippy ethos,
      babylon get away.

      jesus maybe I should buy it from you and develope it
      and make lots and lots of money...a hippy
      entreprenure type thing!...but no, it shouldn't be
      that sort of game....This should be done as a
      collective charitable effort. I guess then there's
      the problem of sorting all the paperwork and
      apllications out in this situation...without direct
      monetary incentive type thing..but a collective aim.

      Blessed be!

      King Amdo Real Estate.

      (it's ok, I don't wanna live there, I have my own
      place already. If I was living there I probably end
      up executing everyone else on site within 6
      months...I'm not joking. I've gone completely wild
      over the last few years......like a wildcat).

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: ewt@...
      To: pfaf@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, January 21, 2005 11:12 PM
      Subject: Re: Fw: Blagdon up for sale (was: [pfaf]
      Pfaf website now up and running

      Hi there,

      I've been lurking for a while.

      Richard, have you considered the option of leasing
      out part of the site on
      a temporary basis to get some of the debt burden
      down? Obviously it would
      be difficult to do this with the areas which have
      been planted with
      forest, but if it was an agricultural site before
      and there are some parts
      of it which are grown over with gorse and bramble
      and so on, it's possible
      this land could be of some use to locals.
      Apologies if this is something
      you've already looked into and found it won't work
      - it would really be a
      shame to end up permanently splitting the site and
      losing so much of what
      you've invested.


      On Fri, 21 Jan 2005, King Amdo wrote:

      > http://www.logcabinuk.com/
      > This place makes sound buildings and I'm sure
      that they have existing designs that could be used
      in a fresh planning application.
      > With turf roofs, shutters these cabins are made
      of local timber, I'm sure they'd stand up to a
      hurricane or two.
      > So is there anyone one site at present?
      > Surly someone can be found in the world that is
      reliable and could start/continue work on a plant
      nursey? The money going into the charity...and
      there' the static there for them to live in. Again
      maybe concentrating on the more unusual yet more
      usful plants (particularly edible ones). They seem
      to be more into obscure friut and nut varieties and
      things in america, so we'd need to inport plant
      material and propagate. It would be much easier for
      a centre like this to do this than just a keen
      individual what with all the regs and everything.
      > If the debt was paid off, then their would be
      less pressure to make money...just the salary of the
      > We could have (real) free festivals as well,
      like the events at the Scoraig croting community
      do...or did anyway a few years ago.
      > Blessed be,
      > King Amdo.

      Careful. We don't want to learn from this.

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