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Re: Blagdon up for sale (was: [pfaf] Pfaf website now up and running

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  • King Amdo
    Shame you coudn t have got a team together..... To sort out a nursery and some sales and pay of the loan! I hadn t realised that things were so serious. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2005

      Shame you coudn't have got a team together.....

      To sort out a nursery and some sales and pay of the loan!
      I hadn't realised that things were so serious.
      I should think you could get at least 100000 for it....more if you have planning on the static and much much more if you have planning for a load of holiday chalets...(probably I guess a million or so..mmmm) ..... these could be eco chalets for a centre or something...a big project with a need for full time paid employees and all the rest of it. You'd have to put a new planning application in with the designs for the eco chalets and all the rest of it. But you have made a good start.....lots of interesting tree plantings and so on. This could be a eco-village...just that if you have holiday planning it only allows residency for 10/11 months in the year.
      The concept..the ideal is just too anarchic I think! Hey blackbird, that's a fiver for that worm....get away??!!!
      It just does't work with money!
      If you sell, don't get ripped off.
      Can't you get the original investors to let go of the loans? If not there's gotta be someone on this list with 90000 grand spare.
      Blessed be,
      King Amdo.
      Good to see the new site up and running Rich!
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      Sent: Friday, January 21, 2005 4:05 PM
      Subject: [pfaf] Pfaf website now up and running

      Hi All,
            After a very long wait the Plants For A Future website is finally up
      and running complete with a whole new look. You can find it

      Sorry its taken so long by I've not had any time do much work on it.

      I've also had a lot of problems trying to get the pfaf.org domain to
      point to the web page. It may take a little while (a couple of days) for
      the domain name to propagate around the network, so it it does not work
      now try again in a couple of days.

      The site is still very much "under construction" several features do not
      work, and the database is not running on this site. To access the
      database youe can use the ibiblio site
      or the new permaculture.info project
      which also hosts the database and is under active development.

      Many thanks to all those who have emailed with help on hosting.
      I decided to go with web-mania.com (the same site as hosts
      www.the-tree.org.uk, nice one Anna) as they offer a very good deal on
      hosting as well as some nice technical feature needed to host the site.

            Sorry for the wait


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