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Re: [pfaf] Plant Supplier for Ken's Plants....

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  • King Amdo
    I have to say thank you very very much for your kind response...many blessings on you and you family. Blessed be. ... From: bslark@aol.com To:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 3, 2005
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      I have to say thank you very very much for your kind response...many blessings on you and you family.
      Blessed be.
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      Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2005 4:09 PM
      Subject: Re: [pfaf] Plant Supplier for Ken's Plants....

      Hi King Amdo
      You sound like an interesting kind of guy.
      Anyway in response to your request for where you can get Kens plants.
      The Agroforestry Research Trust thats where.Its run almost singlehanded by a wonderful guy called Martin Crawford. He manages a 2 acre forest garden and a 10 acre nut orchard on the Dartington estate near Totnes. He has an extensive list of plants and seeds of nearly every specis suitable for agroferestry use and whats more its published on an interactive website where you can order direct. He has also published several booklets on the production and culture of various specis which give comprehensive information for the prospective grower.On top of all this he runs courses on forest garden design and nut production. By the way he has a wonderful selection of walnuts in his orchard which have started bearing copius quantities of nuts after only 4 years.  Yes he welcomes visitors by arrangement and has at least 2 dates per year where he provides a conducted tour of both his projects.
      By the way I live in Pembrokeshire  and have begun planting up a 4 acre site as a forest garden which you'll be pleased to know contains  4 walnut trees supplied by Martin.
      Here are the details of  ART:
      46 Hunters Moon
      TQ9 6JT
      There are other suppliers I would also reccomend but these are more specialised and do all have some really interesting and unusual plants suitable for agroforestry. I have used all of these and found the quality to be very good.However the best source for the most choice and quality is undoubtably the ART.
      Thornhayes Nursery
      Clive Simms
      Kore Wild Fruit Nursery
      Nutwood Nurseries
      01766 819044
      Good luck and have a great 2005, you will always be welcome to visit us here in Pembrokeshire.
      Best regards
      Bruce Slark
      The Nature Cure Way
      At The Forest Garden
      Maes Y Mor
      Ceibwr Lane
      Pembs SA43 3BU
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