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FAO Hortivar database

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  • Phil Slade
    http://www.fao.org/hortivar/hortivar.htm?TRX=Redirect&TO=BK Hortivar is FAO s database on performances of horticulture cultivars in relation to agro-ecological
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2004

      Hortivar is FAO's database on performances of horticulture cultivars in
      relation to agro-ecological conditions, cultivation practices, the
      occurrence of pests and diseases and timing of the production. It covers six
      categories of horticultural crops: fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers,
      ornamentals, mushrooms, herbs & condiments.

      Though primarily intended for growers and smallholders members may find that
      the Hortivar data entry forms may be adaptable to their own circumstances -
      download these as Excel files from

      Hortivar is:
      A tool for easy and quick retrieval of information related to horticulture
      cultivars all over the world
      A standard methodology for data recording of cultivar trials
      A source for data analysis and extrapolation (GIS applications)
      A template for educational purposes in colleges & universities
      A lively interface between scientists and growers
      A tool for quick retrieval of information on seed sources

      The database has two primary functions which are interdependent: data
      retrieval and data entry. Access and use of the database is free of charge.
      Data are retrieved by searching according to various parameters such as
      crop, species, cultivar, country, geographical references, pest resistance,
      ecozone and production systems. Data registered in the database are site
      specific and therefore the database is geo-referenced.

      Hortivar addresses the needs of producers, public and private sector, seed
      companies and horticultural research centres for information management
      related to horticultural crop cultivars in different agro-climatic
      environments and allows users to identify cultivars and cropping practices
      adapted to their specific requirements and environment.

      IPP card system is a simple, attractive and user friendly training material
      which convey self-explanatory messages for use at field level
      The objective of IPP (Integrated Production and Protection Management) is to
      reduce the use of and the reliance on pesticides to control pest and
      diseases. This is achieved through the growing of adapted cultivars,
      combined with appropriate cultivation practices and production technologies.

      The IPP card system clearly illustrates for which pest or disease an IPP
      technique is proposed. The system consists of identification of a problem,
      recording it by taking a photograph and adding a short caption - explaining
      clearly the problem encountered. The same is done for the IPP solution to
      form a card pair to be printed as a catalogue page or as actual playing
      cards. All the gained information is available through the IPP card system

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