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[Fwd: Call for proposals for supply chain funding]

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  • Richard Morris
    This looks interesting, good to see Defra s begining to take novel crops seriously. Also there is a meeting in Bodmin run by Cornish Horticulture Enterprises
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2004
      This looks interesting, good to see Defra's begining to take novel crops

      Also there is a meeting in Bodmin run by Cornish Horticulture
      Enterprises called "Novel Horticulture Crops and Crop Products".

      "CHE forrsees enormous potential for growing novel crops in Cornwall.
      The climate is perfectly suited to growing aromatic plants. This is your
      chance to hear first hand about the market and the processes involved
      and to discuss oportunities for Cornish growers".

      Theres a wide range of people attending from Boots to the Organic Herb
      trading company. Detail pat.knight@... / 01626 899913.

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      Subject: Call for proposals for supply chain funding
      Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 12:13:34 +0100
      From: Dr Maggie Smallwood <m.smallwood@...>
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      Organization: NNFCC
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      We thought you might be interested that Defra has issued a second call
      under its R&D programme "Non-Food Uses of Crops - supply chain
      assessment and development" which provides funding for development,
      assessment and dissemination of technologies for non-food uses of crops.
      The deadline for receipt of proposals is 6 pm Monday 15th November 2004

      The programme will be led by the Defra Sustainable Farming and Food
      Science Division and administered by the National Non-Food Crops Centre.

      The call and supporting documentation for the scheme can be found on the
      Defra website http://www.defra.gov.uk/science/rrd/Ad_Hoc.asp and will
      also be available on the NNFCC website

      For specific queries on whether your project falls within the remit of
      the scheme, please contact:

      Dr Warren Smith or Dr Ian Law at the National Non-Food Crops Centre

      telephone 01904 435341

      fax 01904 435345

      email w.smith@... or i.law@...

      With Best Wishes
      Maggie Smallwood

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