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Regenerative Leadership and Permaculture Design Course - Bring a Friend FREE

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  • Feral Mycelium
    Hello friends, We want to invite you to come to the February 20-28th permaculture course and to bring a friend completely free when you sign up by September
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2013
      Hello friends,

      We want to invite you to come to the February 20-28th permaculture
      course and to bring a friend completely free when you sign up by
      September 15th! Read more @ http://regenerative.com/pdc

      Many people think of permaculture as gardening, but that's a lot
      like thinking of math as being only good for building bridges.
      Permaculture is a sustainable design science rooted in observation
      of nature and providing solutions to some of our most pressing
      problems. The same branching pattern that's found in tree is also
      found in a river, in your heart, and numerous other places.

      We offer a no-nonsense, deeply pragmatic, mainstream approach to
      permaculture. No ideologies, only functional design and solutions
      that truly work. The Regenerative Leadership Institute is one of
      the world's largest providers of permaculture education, offering
      an unparalleled depth of education combining online lectures with
      in-person experiential immersions, led by some of the world's
      greatest teachers.

      "This course was the BEST time I have had in the past 6 years"
      -- Lana T

      Sign up before September 15th and bring a friend completely free!
      You do not need to know who your friend will be until about a week
      before the course - so sign up today and just find someone to come
      with you before the training.

      "My experience in the course was invaluable. I find myself with a
      new permaculture lens that I can put on at will, and see the world
      around me in a way that I feel leads to making more conscious
      decisions and living better in harmony with the earth.”
      – Deborah, Permaculture Course Graduate

      [Read the 150+ reviews @ http://regenerative.com/reviews and
      check out our A+ Better Business Bureau Rating]

      There are over one-hundred-fifty testimonials posted on our
      website from people whose lives have been profoundly changed in
      one of our trainings.

      Join us. Let's change the world together.
      -> Read more @ http://www.regenerative.com/pdc

      Come get inspired by learning pragmatic permaculture design and
      regenerative leadership skills for your life, career, business,
      and community from the world's leading sustainability experts;
      and earn your internationally recognized Permaculture Design

      The skills offered in this course are applicable to every aspect
      of your life, far beyond the garden - you will learn to design
      nature-inspired, resilient, regenerative systems - composting
      toilets, water-catchment system, natural green buildings, eco-
      villages and much more.

      The Regenerative Leadership Institute is the nation's ecological
      design and sustainable living school; our instructors are some of
      the most well-known leaders in their fields.

      We hope you will be able to join us for this incredible, life-
      changing experiential course!

      Regenerative Leadership Institute - 1.800.376.3775
      The Nation's Sustainable Living and Permaculture Design School
      Proudly A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau
      14525 SW Millikan Way, Suite 17760, Beaverton, OR 97005
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