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Re: [pfaf] plants for clean up

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  • Christopher McCOY
    What would be ALL the other consequences of the purple mushroom?   What would it displace? What would it be poisonous to?   What would its spore/mycellium
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 9, 2013
      What would be ALL the other consequences of the purple mushroom?
      What would it displace? What would it be poisonous to?
      What would its spore/mycellium do? To what? When? How fast? Where?
      What if the mycelium built up on moth wings which had the knock-on effect of killing off the moth, which prevented the pollination o such and such, which prevented some plants from growing, which made several species extinct, which...? Don't worry, the purple mushroom de-toxification company is showing a profit.
      You may, for example. focus in blinkered reductionist fashion on whatever whim you may congratulate yourselves about as you go off to plant, which whim could be ANYTHING, but the natural world is expected to take it on the chin, whilst anyone who suggests a bit more patience and maturity and thoroughness, wo might get in the way, is stated as being negative, long-winded, heretical, etc... And someone else comes along with yet another idea/fad/whim. And someone else. And someone else. And someone else. And business. And gardening programmes. And populations. And millions/billions of random-idea-generator humans wit myriad whims, unleashed, with no OFF switch,with no PATIENCE, with no PAUSE button, but loaded to the hilt with laughing/scoffing at the more thorough, whom they ignore. And world-wide...
      Who'll clean up the 'mistake' of the purple mushroom plantings, when he adverse consequences become known by your children?
      Do you not 'think' that the planters/initiaters of monocultural forests, monocultural fields, mechansed agriculture, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, palm oil plantations, cocoa plantations, coffee plantation, tea plantations (East India Company & Wars), county-sized greenhouses, county-size Skyscraper Cities, are/were not also scoffing at those whom thy deemed to call 'naysayers', 'negative', long-winded, recommending differently?
      What if the purple mushroom proves, differently, to be as toxic, or more toxic, than the problem focusses upon to clear up, to the exclusion of other Holistic/Whole-istic relationships? What if Purple Loosestrife is loved by bees but provides chemicals that, over a few years, kill off the bees? What if humans around a Bar or Rave are interpreted by Aliens as suggesting that the Rave/Bars are therefore a good thing and worth planting/springing up everywhere, but the human livers, kidneys, pavement pizzas, alcoholic/drug addictions, dependencies upon the 'drugs'/'alcohol' may suggest otherwise as compared with not having such alcoholic drinks and drugs? What if Grains evidencing loads more yield and shorter stalks are interpreted as thus being 'better', and thus excitedly planted, anyone suggesting otherwise and thus no playing the interesting GAME being derided/laughed-at/unheeded, where the humans focus on ONE possible benefit, whereas ACTUALLY those grains and the means of growing/harvesting them PREVENT diverse fields from being grown, PREVENT wildflower meadows, PREVENT renewable Thatching of roofs, PREVENT Harvest Mice from living/breeding/surviving, and are unrealized by the reductionist BLINKERED humans who concentrate on the one sentence/paragraph 'trait' because they can't be bothered to read nature's library of books and relationships, let-alone a few paragraphs via forums, who do not check to reaize that such grains are UTTERLY DEPENDENT upon fertiliser/pesticide/fungicide/watering/irrigation provision, without which they fail...
      Who'll have to put up with the consequences of the purple mushroom when you are gone, and patted each other on the back long ago? Whre were the purple mushrooms stockpiled, so that they rotted down, the concentrated toxics leaching back, even more concentrated this time, into grund waters, to come out, stealthily...to human babies born malformed decades later perhaps? Perhaps it needs more thorough consideration? Who, for example, would manage the areas, tak the mushrooms away? How would they access such? Cut down all the plants nearby, rotavate the soil to dig the mycelium up, thus eradicating the plant and anoimals that were there, to gain access and 'manage' the land, so that the 'mere whim' can be carried out, as the prizes for 'environmental detoxification' are awarded in a ceremony with Thunderous Applause?
      What if a significant fraction of the human population of the UK, say, a significant proportion of 60 million people, also come up with, or are baited/lead, ideas, whims, fashions? Will they try to enact their whims, and try to slink away from anyone who suggests differently, plantinghere, planting there, messing it all up because each hiks he/she I good enough, and tries to avoid more cohesive planning? They'll try and do it piecemeal, because they are more concerned with their own selves and the passion of he ideas, than with the more mature and effort-requiring patience, organisation, comprehensiveness, thoroughness?
      Who will see the Pecan trees being plants, think to themselves, thusly-baited, "Heh! That's a great idea! I'll plant some Pecans too! In fact, if I set up a Pecan growing corporation I can grow them in loads of places, across loads of tracts of land! Yeah! I'll get rich! If I get funding, and some bank loans at interest, I'll set up a company to turn wildflower meadows, unexploited woodland, old farms, instead into Pecan farms. It'll be natural! Nature does it all the time! Yeah! I'll call is 'Eco Pecan', or 'Sustainable Pecans' Yeah! What a great idea! Whoever planted those pecans there gave me a great idea!"
      The plants and animals and ecosystems ousted to make way for the Pecan growing, a PFAF plant, who have not yet been killed by the 'management' of such, trudge off as refugees, their ecosystems somewhat stable for hundreds of years instead ousted in a fraction of a human lifespan. Most get killed trying to cross the BRANCH(ing) roads PLANTED to service the Pecan plantation and nurseries...road kill...but who cares...they're pests to the PFAF Pecan planters, they get in the way, "SO WHAT!" they laugh, they shout, as the road-planters also rake in the imaginay money that does; grow on trees...
      Oh well... It looks like the more mature are going to have one massive clean-up job after the Another Fine Mess he laughing children have made as they play the admittedly very entertaining games. "It's Eco, Sustainable. It says so in the name! It must be good!"
      Real plants and animals have a sometimes-dynamic range of relationships. Humans tend not to eat rocks directly. Wherever humans go, it could be said that humans tend not to directly eat the rocks there. Wherever humans go they do, hwoever, tend to eat many of the mammals and fish. Humans comes with a range of relationships, one set of which is that they may tend to consume mammals and fish. They are not bounded by their skin. Their EFFECTIVE size, radius, in the natural wold, (not just the reducionistic 'footprin') is much larger.
      Similarly, a purple mushroom comes with a range of relationships. It is not just a case of popping some spore into some manure and that's it 'guv, off down the pub. It is not just  case of buying Pecan plants the local nursery or online ad tat's that. Their EFFECTIVE life/radius is much bigger, of many relationships, ALL of which constitute the fungus/plant in question, and if some/all of which are missing then the plant/fungus ceases or has other (adverse?) effects. Take Bees away from humans and what do they ea even more, where do they travel to ad consume/poison/pollute, laughing at the more mature all the while?
      But, instead, to consider the WHOLE means maturity, patience, responsibility, sensitivity AS A SENSITIVE PART OF THE NATURAL WORLD AMONGST KIN, takes effort, takes time, takes lots of words to write...
      Instead, in just over one human lifespan, what have Humans, RUNNING PROGRAM(s) in their Mind/Don't-Mind, done to Planet Earth, excused all the way, using ANY labels, ANY excuses, mutually-congratulatorily? Ask the Tasmanian Thylacine, the Natives Human Tribes an Life-Ways...which are being joined increasingly-rapidly by...
      Whilst the countryside is being de-stabilised by myriad human influences, and some that are climatic, in sub-human-lifespan timescales, excitable humans wish to run with yet more ideas to undermine/alter/stress/unpheave such ecosystems even more in uncoordinated, non-cohesive, each-to-their-own, blinkered ways.
      Out go the non-useful-to-humans plants, and in come the PFAF useful-to-humans ones, excused ad defended all the while. Pecan plants in the wild encourage people to eat Pecans in the wild, who then want to go into the wilds more to eat, who then take food away from the plants and animal there, who want to plant more Pecan trees, who soon cut down forests to plant more Pecans, which rainforests are cut down to make way for PFAF Pecan plantations deemed useful to humans who are all congratulating each other and speaking ill of those who advise otherwise, whilst the the other ousted forms of life have to take it on the chin r die, whilst the 'Eco' planters chink their wine glasses together in 'Eco' camps, to cheers of "SO WHAT!" and Thunderous Applause...
      Agriculture is linked heavily with so-called 'Civilization', with Empire, Imperialism, Slavery, Colonialisation, blinkered alterior motives behind such behaviours, and orchestrated ALTERATION of the minds/behaviours of humans via the Middle East / Africa. It is NOT inherently 'good' just because it seems to have been done for a while. A mistake propagated, as a dis-ease may be propagated, does not necessarily make that River Out of Eden non-toxic just because of age... Age does not imply 'goodness, 'appropriateness', by itself. Deeper consideration is required. What has been done to humans has, as symptoms in part as agriculture and significantly in the presumed dominion over and (rights to) exploitation of any/all forms of life and Planet Earth, been PROPAGATED SEEDED,BRANCHING. Many reading my emails on this forum evidence such behaviours in the attitudes of the replies, behaviours, howsoever re-branded/labelled. A rose by any name may still smother and be thorny to approach, take over all, whether called 'Monocultural' or 'Eco' or 'Sustainability' or anything... as the HOSTS of the Stories thusly-seeded VECTOR and defend and maintain and REPRODUCE/PROPAGATE such attitudes, such behaviours, thus far...
      Just in case i's relevant. Please don't blame the writer. I have not forced you to read these emails. You chose to...
      Life, Lives, Planet Earth, can be considered to be at stake. PFAF is important, but vectored by the immature, the unwise, the irresponsible, something quite other will be fed, grown, watered, propagated
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      Sent: Friday, 9 August 2013, 11:03
      Subject: [pfaf] plants for clean up

      There is a purple mushroom shown which accumulates soil toxins like 
      arsenic. Perhaps this could be used to clean up some polluted

      Amaranth has a similar capability which is why it is sometimes 
      listed as toxic, but that was because of eating amaranth growing on
      ground with poison in it. 

      This strikes me as something to research more, plants that accumulate
      poisons to be planted as cleanup measures, then harvested and burned.

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