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Re: [pfaf] SmartWater: Change The World with Graywater and Rainwater Catchment

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  • Griselda Mussett
    Thanks for this. Can I ask people also to keep an eye open for blue-greening projects - this is to do with rain-water management and river catchment. I believe
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 15, 2013
      Thanks for this. Can I ask people also to keep an eye open for blue-greening projects - this is to do with rain-water management and river catchment. 

      I believe the city of Cincinnati is now embarking on a great scheme on the Ohio River - see www.thamesheritagealliance.wordpress.com

      Instead of rainwater run-off from roads etc going straight into sewage and then river systems, it can be diverted after the first cleansing inch or so of rain into fresh-water catchments. It can then be more easily used for drinking water, irrigation, and controlled flow into the rivers for their healthy management, rather than being instantly contaminated by sewage and then overspilling in periods of intense rainfall - so it is a regionally wide implementation of what you are proposing on a much smaller scale here.

      We are fighting for this to happen in the River Thames in London, against a big engineering project to create a massive new sewer right along under the river which is so wasteful in every way.  

      We relate this campaign to further issues about land-use on waterside sites. These are prime for residential development, but effectively blight any future maritime use of the rivers, with attendant loss of biodiversity, skills, heritage knowledge, etc.


      Griselda Mussett

      On 11 Jul 2013, at 04:26, Feral Mycelium wrote:


      Hello friends,

      At the Regenerative Leadership Institute, our business is quite literally
      about changing the world. With the launch of SmartWater, the definitive
      how-to video guide to rainwater catchment and greywater, we're taking on
      the global drinking water crisis with a unique message that echoes with
      mainstream America.

      Please support the campaign @ http://igg.me/at/smartwater and check out the
      awesome animated video explaining this campaign (and of course also
      concepts of greywater and rainwater :)

      SmartWater is being created as a definitive how-to video guide to building
      your own greywater and rainwater systems, thus literally eliminating your
      municipal water bill. Our intention is to get the average Joe at Walmart
      in Kearney, Nebraska to understand that sustainability can directly save
      his family money, and isn't just something only good for some of the
      latte-drinking liberals. Both the message and the product itself are truly

      We need your help. The way crowdfunding campaigns work, it's really
      important to snowball the campaign from the start. You can
      help us do that, and we're ready to offer you a seventy dollar discount off
      the SmartWater instructional four DVD video guide to thank you for
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      You get to take seventy dollars off, we get to produce a truly
      world-changing educational product, and some day we may all look
      back on this campaign as the beginning of something very, very big - the
      shift towards a more sane, sustainable, beautiful world.

      Help get this campaign off the ground - pre-order your instructional video
      guide today @ http://igg.me/at/smartwater

      We need your support NOW to make this happen! Thank you for making this
      project a reality.

      Together for a greener, saner, beautiful, thriving world,


      Vladislav Davidzon, Founder & CEO
      Regenerative Leadership Institute | regenerative.com | 800.376.3775
      The Nation's Sustainable Living, Leadership and Permaculture School
      14525 SW Millikan Way, Suite 17760, Beaverton, OR 97005
      Join our 60,000+ Friends: http://facebook.com/regenerativeleader

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