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  • infowolf1
    apparently only the flowers and only in some species are edible. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhododendron Toxicology [edit] Some species of rhododendron are
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      apparently only the flowers and only in some species are edible.


      Toxicology [edit]

      Some species of rhododendron are poisonous to grazing animals because of a toxin called grayanotoxin in theirpollen and nectar. People have been known to become ill from eating honey made by bees feeding on rhododendron and azalea flowers. Xenophon described the odd behavior of Greek soldiers after having consumed honey in a village surrounded by Rhododendron ponticum during the march of the Ten Thousand in 401 BC.Pompey's soldiers reportedly suffered lethal casualties following the consumption of honey made fromRhododendron deliberately left behind by Pontic forces in 67 BC during the Third Mithridatic War. Later, it was recognized that honey resulting from these plants has a slightly hallucinogenic and laxative effect.[27] The suspect rhododendrons are Rhododendron ponticum and Rhododendron luteum (formerly Azalea pontica), both found in northern Asia Minor. Eleven similar cases have been documented in IstanbulTurkey during the 1980s.[28]Rhododendron is extremely toxic to horses, with some animals dying within a few hours of ingesting the plant, although most horses tend to avoid it if they have access to good forage. The effects of R. ponticum was mentioned in the 2009 film Sherlock Holmes as a proposed way to arrange a fake execution.[29] It was also mentioned in the third episode of Season 2 of BBC's Sherlock (TV series), and has been speculated to have been a part of Sherlock's fake death scheme.

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      Culinary [edit]

      The rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal, where the flower is considered edible and enjoyed for its sour taste. The pickled flower can last for months and the flower juice is also marketed. The flower, fresh or dried, is added to fish curry in the belief that it will soften the bones.[citation needed]

      PFAF  lists 7 species of "edible " rhododendrons,  mostly flowers and young leaves / shoots.
      Anyone having experience with using Rhododendron as food source.  ??
      Geir Flatabø

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