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  • Richard Morris
    ... Subject: Trees for Health Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 10:19:45 +0100 From: Liz Turner PLEASE FORWARD TO OTHERS Trees for Health: Reconnecting
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      Subject: Trees for Health
      Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 10:19:45 +0100
      From: Liz Turner <liz7@...>


      Trees for Health: Reconnecting People and Plants

      Trees for Health is a new organisation based in South Devon aiming to help
      foster healthy communities and healthy ecosystems by revitalising our use
      and knowledge of woodland.

      Humans have historically depended on plants for food, medicine, shelter and
      materials. Plants have also played a significant role in our mythologies,
      beliefs and religions so that our history is interwoven with their history.
      Trees in particular have been integral to our culture yet today we place far
      less importance on our connection with them.

      Aims & activities of Trees for Health include the following:
      - To revive the sustainable use of native woodland and hedgerow species as
      herbal remedies and food products
      - To revitalise traditional ecological knowledge of plants, folklore,
      mythology and festivals
      - To provide opportunities for people to experience woodland through
      workshops, volunteer activities and community events
      - To restore native woodland where appropriate

      Our work takes place in South Devon, initially with activities close to
      Totnes, Kingsbridge and Plymouth. We also aim to help develop a network of
      collaborating projects within local communities elsewhere.

      We are setting up a volunteer group to carry out seed collecting, working in
      tree nurseries, tree planting and harvesting berries, nuts, leaves, roots
      and bark. We would also like to make contact with schools to carry out
      woodland workshops/activity days. We will be working with disadvantaged
      groups and are open to approaches from community groups in this sector.

      If you would like to join us, membership is nominal (£5 waged, £2 unwaged,
      £8 family, £10 group) and this provides the opportunity to join our
      volunteer group and receive newsletters/email bulletins about events &

      We are also very glad of donations as we are just setting up incurring
      expenses & hardly any income at the moment! You can make a one-off donation,
      set up a direct debit or adopt a tree for £5!

      We are also selling the newly released 'Earth Stars' CD - Songs of
      Permaculture. Just £12!

      Please email me if you are interested in any of these aspects of the project
      & do pass this email onto anyone else who might be.

      Below are details of our planned Autumn activities:
      25 September - Stall at Dart Water Festival (www.devonwildlifetrust.org for
      more details of event), Longmarsh, Totnes - selling autumn jams and
      cordials, CDs, as well as encouraging people to 'adopt a tree' and collect &
      plant tree seeds on the day.

      10 October - Seed Gathering Sunday (national Tree Council event). Contact us
      for details of an event near you, probably near Kingsbridge. See
      www.treecouncil.org.uk for national events.

      11 October - Seed gathering near Totnes.

      29 October - Autumn Tree and Herb Celebration at Sharpham Estate near
      Totnes, 11-3, Children £3 Adults £4. Bring along a packed lunch, booking
      essential. Please contact Catherine on 01803 732799 for more details and to
      book your place.

      Details of this event:
      On this eve of winter we will be celebrating trees and herbs at the Sharpham
      Estate. The herb garden provides a store of root medicine and local
      herbalists will be showing you how to gather the valuable plant sugars and
      starches for nourishment in the winter months. We also invite you to meet
      significant trees of the estate in our guided tree walk. You can take part
      in seed collecting, art and games while learning about the ecology,
      mythology and healing potential of trees, both as herbal remedies and as a
      healing presence.

      Tree Planting Week (national Tree Council event) 24/11/04 - 5/12/04. We will
      be planting trees at different sites on different dates, contact us for more

      Best wishes
      Liz Turner
      Trees for Health

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