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Re: Permaculture Design Courses are we being fleeced?

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    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 12, 2004
      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "the_green_garden"
      <the_green_garden@h...> wrote:
      > I'm currently investigating the possibility of doing a
      permaculture design
      > course, but from what I have found out so far,none of the courses
      > offered,despite often costing a great deal of money.Have No
      > educational and or governmental body formal recognition in the
      > Union.So from what I can gather so far, any Tom, Dick or
      Harriot,can claim
      > to set up a permaculture design course offering Diplomas etc which
      > reality will be worthless bits of pretty computerised paper
      recognized by no
      > one but the person running the course.So the question begs an
      answer are we
      > all being fleeced and would we be all better off just studying and
      > into practise the works of Bill Mollison's Permaculture A
      Designers Manual?
      > Other readers of this forum are encouraged to offer their opinions.

      Depends how much value you place on the 'formal' education system.
      I've been on 'approved' mainstream courses that have been tedious,
      boring, unimaginative and have no interest whatsoever in developing
      the participants' creativity. You get a little piece of paper at the
      end of it, but personally my Permaculture Design Course certificate
      is one of the most valuable qualifications I have, even though that
      in itself will never get me a job. On the other hand the skills,
      insights, practical experiences, self-development, etc I gained from
      the course and my ongoing work in and with permaculture are of
      infinite help in developing sustainable and self-reliant futures for
      myself, my planet and the communities I work with. Mr Blair and his
      cronies in the 'education' establishemnt may not be able to measure
      permaculture with his targets and goals, but a PC Design course is
      about something much more exciting than his small vision, and
      personally I hope that permaculture will always remain outside of
      the mainstream with it's inspectors and league tables.

      Yes any 'Tom Dick & Harry' can set up a course and call it
      a 'permaculture design course', but one of the core foundations of
      Permaculture is that it is about being ethical, thus for such a
      course to be recognised by the Permaculture Association it must be
      led by teachers who have themselves done a design course, and by at
      least one person who has the diploma in permaculture. The PC
      Association is doing ongoing work in accrediting PC design courses,
      including by the Open College Network but it's early days, so watch
      this space on that one. For more info see

      All the design courses that I know that are running or coming up
      (I'm talking about in the UK here) are being run by committed,
      knowledgable and experienced people, and if 'fleecing' people is the
      intention I can think of easier scams than giving up 2 weeks of time
      and energy (not including pre-course prepatation, creating
      publicity, etc) for a finacial gain that usually works out at far
      less than the minimum wage. I know that we are all working bloody
      hard on preparing the next Naturewise Design course despite the fact
      that we are pretty unlikely to make any money at all from it, so
      forgive me if I sound pissed off by your implication that I'm out to
      rip people off.

      Yes you can go away and read all the books about permaculture, but
      this doesn't compare with the 'immersion' that comes from the
      course, the value of working with others, building community,
      sharing experiences, working out solutions togther.

      Cheers Graham www.spiralseed.co.uk
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