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Re: [pfaf] Growing tropical plants inside& in gound in the cold (from another mango thread)

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  • dennis@denniskean.com
    Francis, I have Honeysuckle devastating my property! How do you kill or control it. It is so invasive and impossible to control for me. Dennis ... From:
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 28, 2012
      I have Honeysuckle devastating my property!  How do you kill or control it.  It is so invasive and impossible to control for me.
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      From: Francis S
      Date: 3/24/2012 10:23:09 AM
      Subject: [pfaf] Growing tropical plants inside& in gound in the cold (from another mango thread)
      too far off the subject copy/paste
      Dennis (you could go bannanas) Im in a cold zone 5 so it was in a pot,
      but I think a  standard 55 gallon garbage can can suport it
      or supppose if it was grafted on a smaller root stock.
      I do not have alot of time to comment on it(right now)
      but came here to copy/paste something, really quick,
      but speaking of which I've talked to some people on a container growing forum (on garden web), and you can grow some exotic fruits
      like rambutan (I keep calling it Rasbutin)
      , and other plants
      (and lychee oh thats the name I was trying to think about
      found thta out by clicking the family name on wikipedia
      I never knew maple/ horsechestnet was in that soapberry family)
      If you wanted to buy one that stays small though a emperor lychee
      (I looked back on my mail So I'ts always good to ask, because some varaieties grow small while other seeds do not, bt you could trim the roots, but I have no experience from that
      I agree with Daniel I grow things just for the fun of it,
      If you want to grow a bannnan (musa) out side even in zone 5 you could do it,and this isn't by bending down the tree, and buring it, although some people do that, and grow figs.
      (I think you can get a species in zone 6 for figs though)
      The bannana I was talking about was (a japenese bananna )
      I forgot the name (musa basjoo), here are one  other ice cream
      I was accualy just reading last night how a odd deep freeze
      In 1898 or something in Texas froze a bannana 15 below ,
      and it came back it's called Texas star.
      also it's hard to beleieve
      (look into people growing bananan's though)
      garden web has a forum.
      but banana's have a rhizome that sprouts back
      If trimmeed to the ground ,
      and covered with mulch they should come back
      They say bannana's(some species) can grow 15 feet in 6 months
      Mulch also produces steam if you see it in the winter it steams so it keeps the temperature cooler
      I decided to copy/pasted to another thread sorry for the confusion
      here are the garden web forums
      to search faster pop up a name click copy (or ctrl)and f
      in the find box you can write anything
      container (for container gardening) or bannana
      it will highlight it, and bring you to it
      (out of  frustration I learned  macatosh or microsoft is different
      I think you copy with the flag looking button right next to the ctrl button)
      (I like -->"name that plant"<--- where you can post a picture of a plant, and they tell you what it is.
      It is also good to look in the trading forum
      you can go to the area your in ,
      and see if people are near by
      (note even though Im writing of growing banana's  in zone 5
      I am against growing invasive plants,
        or things that might become invasive
      If you cannot control (losing the fruit)
      them with netting, or prunning off the imature fruits
      whcih I have done
      (I killed my Moms honeysuckle I told her I slipped, and broke a kettle of boiling tea on it. just kidding, but I did kill it.)
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