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Re: [pfaf] Re: Mango seed

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  • daniel wildman
    I am in Zone 6b, well when I do grow my Avocado it will not be outside so it would not matter. But I would have to get rid of it when it got to big which
    Message 1 of 15 , Mar 24, 2012
      I am in Zone 6b, well when I do grow my Avocado it will not be outside so it would not matter.
      But I would have to get rid of it when it got to big which would be abot 1-2yrs.
      So then you may ask your self then why gorw it.
      Just to say that I could, an for the "fun" of it
      May even try to bonsai it

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      Subject: Re: [pfaf] Re: Mango seed
      What zone do you live in.  Can Avocado grow in North Carolina?
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      From: Francis S
      Date: 3/23/2012 3:38:23 AM
      Subject: [pfaf] Re: Mango seed
      I grew a mango by placing it in a terarium or just in a plastic grocery bag (edit with air inside,) full of sand maybe alittle soil, for nutrients.
      Just in a bag sealed up acts like a green house it holds in the humidity, for a terianium I just use a (fish)aquairuim I cut out cardboard for the lid, but I make sure the cardboad is covered with a plastic bag foldeed around the cardboard
      or it will just absorb the water drop lets.
      They grow so fast (my (new) dog ate mine)
      For the soil they prefre alkoline soil not acidic
      I just took some oak compost (acid soil), and added lime to it.
      The technique I mentioned is just getting them started
      you still have to transplant them
      Thats why A bag works well A terariaum in a container would work good also just for starting the seed then letting it get some air after it sprouts.
      (I made sure to add if your doing it in a grocery bag
      make sure it's tied at the top to hold air
      this is just so the humidity can build up like a green house
      I accualy did both used a terarium,
      and a bag makes it easy to dig out seeds for transplanting
      hold moisture, and you can just walk away from it, with no intervention.)
      If it doen't have air in it  , it would  still grow,
      this is just how I have done it.
      I have never dried my seed out other then making tea with them
      to grow , I have never read if your supposed to or not.
      (Oh I have grown Avocado this way to they grow fast )
      Daniel have you thought about growing Ginger root or is it Ginseng root for some reason Im having a brain fart(just woke up) just cut off 2 inches of the root with the knots in it, and plant.
      Hope this helps. Im positive  it's ginger now.
      (Ginseng is native to North America also so I wouldn't of tried growing that)
      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, Joseph A Cleary <josepa2@...> wrote:
      >            Dear Daniel:
      >                I too have grown a Avocado, mine got so big I had to give mine away, for me it only took two years for it to be bigger than I am.
      >                It's like me planting a native Cedar and in two years it was over seven feet tall and it was over four feet across. It too was given away.
      >                When you plant your Mango seed you might try to keep it in wet sand, but don't drown it.
      >                Good luck.
      > Shalom, Shalom, Yosef or Joseph A. Cleary
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