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RE: [pfaf] ¿What is this fruit ? [1 Attac hment]

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  • Javier Cosp Fontclara
    Thank you Ossi: The size of the leaves looks to be wrong in the Enciclopedia of fruit. The leaves are small, maximum 3 cms. It is not invasive here in
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      Thank you Ossi:

      The size of the leaves looks to be wrong in the Enciclopedia of fruit. The leaves are small, maximum 3
      cms.  It is not invasive here in Paraguay. I guess it have its natural enemies in the places where it is native.

      The word "araçá" that you used (marked in red below) means "guayaba" in the indigenous language in
      Paraguay, still the most spoken language in this country.

      Best wishes,


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      Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 11:19:51 +0200
      Subject: Re: [pfaf] ¿What is this fruit? [1 Attachment]

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      Encyclopedia of fruit and nuts says that strawberry guava (Psidium cattleianum) is called "guyaba japonica", "guyaba peruana" or "guyaba de fresa" in spanish.   It is indigenous to the lowlands of eastern Brazil and parts of Uruguay and is considered invasive species in many areas where it has been introduced.   Botanical description says it's "small tree or shrub-like tree from 2 to 12 m tall.  The bark is smooth and grey brown. The leaves are opposite, dark green, glossy, leathery, obovate to elliptic and 3-12 cm long by 1,6-6 cm wide. Flowers are borne singly or in threes in the leaf axils.  The flowers are white 1.5 - 2.5 cm in diameter, with four petals and numerous stamens clustered at the base of a four- to five-lobed calyx.  The fruit is a globose to obovoid berry, 2-4 cm in diameter.  The peel is thin, yellow, red or purple and tipped with a protruding five-lobed calyx.  The aromatic, white pulp is sweet to subacid, surrounding numerous small, hard seeds."
      Species araçá (Psidium angulatum) should have yellow or yellowish green fruit, but one should note that there are also many other Psidium species in tropical Amazonia...   Ripe strawberry guava  fruit may be stored for only 3-4 days at room temperature.

      best wishes,
      Ossi Kakko

      On Tue, 31 Jan 2012 23:50:41 +0100, Geir Flatabø  wrote:   

      To me it looks like  
      Strawberry guava ...
      but there are maybe more guavas looking like that !?
      if so it is edible...

      Geir Flaabø

      Den 23:07 31. januar 2012 skrev Javier Cosp Fontclara  følgende:

      [Attachment(s) [2] from Javier Cosp Fontclara included below]


      Somebody can tellme what is this fruit? Is it edible?

      Looks like what we call "guayaba" but it is a lot smaller,
      more red and the leaves are very different. (The picture of
      the fruit include a leave).


      Javier Cosp

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