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  • Richard Morris
    ... Subject: permaculture news Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 14:13:12 +0100 From: Permaculture - hosting uk To:
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      Subject: permaculture news
      Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 14:13:12 +0100
      From: Permaculture - hosting uk <office@...>
      To: <office@...>

      Dear members, friends and colleagues,

      Time for another permaculture newsletter, so just a quick email to let
      you know that the copy deadline is next Friday (16th July).

      As usual we are keen to have your news, views, cartoons, illustrations,
      project developments and course and events listings. Funding information
      and news updates from fellow sustainability focussed organisations
      are also welcomed. We have a lively newsletter lined up from
      contributions so far, but we're keen to squeeze in every last drop of
      solutions orientated permaculture and sustainability information. We
      don't need long essays, so why not put together a paragraph or two about
      what you're up to and send it through cyberspace to the funky little
      Leeds office so we can let everyone else find out what you're up to.

      /Some news..../

      *Well done woodland team*
      The Permaculture Woodland Gathering and Sustainable Woodland Conference,
      was a rip roaring success, and was attended by over 80 organisations and
      practitioners from across the UK. A full conference report is being
      written and will be available on the website soon. The events have led
      to interesting new partnerships and the overwhelming response was to do
      it all again, so 'watch this space'.

      *Funding success!*
      We are pleased to have received a £5000 grant from West Yorkshire Social
      Enterprise to help with employing a new member of staff. We also
      received a learning grant to help us with a new business plan, which
      will be available for comment at the AGM.

      *Teachers' Meeting*
      This took place at Dial House in Essex and was a useful and lively event
      attended by permaculture teachers to develop skills and new strategies.
      Full report in the newsletter.

      /Upcoming events.../

      *Design School (1-3 September, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire.) *
      We have *20 bursaries available* - completely free places - for people
      working in groups, projects or small organisations. All you will need to
      pay for is the travel to the event, and any cakes or books that you buy
      during the event.

      To apply for a place please give us answers to the following 3 questions
      on no more than one side of A4 paper. Please write clearly or type your
      answers, and make sure that you include a contact name and your address
      / email / telephone details.

      1. What does your group or project do?
      2. Why do you want to learn about permaculture?
      3. How will you pass on what you have learnt to your group when you
      get back home?

      We need to receive applications no later than 12 pm on *Wednesday 21st
      July*. We will contact you to say whether or not your application has
      been successful, soon after July 25th.

      The Design School is a very exciting learning opportunity, which can
      help your project or organisation develop its skills and understanding
      of how we can practically deliver sustainability. Experienced tutors
      with years of practical experience, a fantastic venue and a chance for
      some good fun as well. All information about the event, including
      booking forms, is on the website:


      *Convergence 21 (3-5 September, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire.)*
      There's no Big Green Gathering this year, so luckily we have created
      Convergence 21, which is set to be the biggest permaculture
      extravaganza yet. The programme includes workshops, practical sessions,
      diploma presentations, sauna, stalls, exhibitions, local permaculture
      grown food, great music and a host of other entertainment, as well as a
      great big birthday party (21 years already! - so dress fancy, or fancy
      dress.) Whether you are a complete beginner, or an old pro, Convergence
      21 will be the best chance this year to learn about permaculture, share
      your skills and have some good old fashioned fun. "Book now to avoid

      Information about Convergence 21 can be found on the website at:


      */Sent with best wishes from the Leeds office team./*

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      * * * * * * * * * * * *
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      Web: www.permaculture.org.uk <http://www.permaculture.org.uk/>
      Please send cakes, suitcases full of money and large parcels directly to
      our Leeds office at:
      Hollybush Conservation Centre, Broad Lane, Kirkstall, Leeds, LS5 3BP.
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      Association, please email and let us know./

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