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Re: [pfaf] Might as well sign it! It may help.

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  • Richard Morris
    ... Actually, I m not sure if this is a good idea to sign this one. This has been going round the internet for some years now a well intentioned scheme gone
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 19, 2004
      KenFern wrote:

      > Dear all,
      > The Brazilian congress is now voting on a project that will reduce the
      > Amazon forest to 50% of its size. It will take 1 MINUTE to read this,
      > but PLEASE put your names on the list and forward this on as instructed
      > below. The area to be deforested is 4 times the size of Portugal and
      > would be mainly used for agriculture and pastures for livestock. All the
      > wood is to be sold to international markets in the form of wood chips,
      > by large multinational companies. The truth is that the soil in the
      > Amazon forest is useless without the forest itself. Its quality is very
      > acidic and the region is prone to constant floods.
      > At this time more than 160,000 square kilometres deforested with the
      > same purpose are abandoned and in the process of becoming deserts,
      > meaning that this proposal is in the short-term interests of a few, and
      > in the long term interests of none.
      > Please copy the text into a 'new e-mail' put your complete name in the
      > list below, and send to everyone you know.(DON'T JUST FORWARD IT - AS IT
      > WILL THEN END UP WITH ROWS AND ROWS of '>'s). If you are the 400th
      > person to sign please send a copy to:
      > fsaviolo@... <mailto:fsaviolo@...>

      Actually, I'm not sure if this is a good idea to sign this one.
      This has been going round the internet for some years now
      a well intentioned scheme gone out of control.

      From http://hoaxinfo.com/amazon.htm

      Amazon Rainforest Petition

      First Published April, 2002

      The e-mail letter circulating is a petition to protest a vote taking
      place in the Brazilian Congress to allow 50 percent of the present
      rainforest to be cleared for logging. This e-mail has been circulating
      for over two years by April of 2002 and I suspect it may be back next
      year so here is the scoop:

      In the beginning of May, 2000 a group lead by a powerful agricultural
      lobby had a proposal drafted to reduce the protected rainforest by at
      least 30% (from 80% to 50% of rainforest lands in Brazil). The logging
      companies and the farmers wanted this additional space. On 18 May 2000,
      the Congress agreed to kill the bill and it never came to a vote.

      In this short time, from the first week of May until the third week of
      May someone drafted this petition to "save the rainforest".
      Unfortunately, no date was put on the chain letter petition and two
      years later it still goes on with its warning. All this despite the
      fact that the bill in question didn't even make it three weeks.

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