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[Fwd: Designing for Planet & People - Full Permaculture Design Course - June & July 2004]

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  • Richard Morris
    ... Subject: Designing for Planet & People - Full Permaculture Design Course - June & July 2004 Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 16:57:27 +0100 From: Aranya
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      Subject: Designing for Planet & People - Full Permaculture Design
      Course - June & July 2004
      Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 16:57:27 +0100
      From: Aranya <aranya@...>
      Organization: Aranya Gardens
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      <http://www.s-a-p.org.uk/> <http://www.wea.org.uk/>

      'Designing for Planet & People'

      A Full Permaculture Design Course

      Taking place at two beautiful working permaculture sites:


      Avalon Permaculture Gardens

      Paddox Farm <http://www.s-a-p.org.uk/Paddox%20Farm.htm>

      5th-12th June & 3rd-10th July 2004

      Led by Looby Macnamara & Aranya,
      with Chris Evans, Andy Langford & Andy & Ella Portman

      /With a strong emphasis upon people care within permaculture.....


      /“Permaculture offers a way of thinking that we can use to adapt our
      whole approach to life. It concerns us with consciously applying sane,
      ethical & environmentally sustainable solutions to addressing all our
      Graham Bell

      Permaculture is about working with nature to make a better world for us
      all. By observing the natural world we can see that there are a set of
      principles at work. Permaculture design uses these principles to develop
      integrated systems to provide for our needs of food, shelter, energy &
      community in ways that are healthy & efficient. Through Permaculture
      design we can improve the quality & productivity of our individual
      lives, our society & our environment.

      /"I'm amazed by my change of thinking"*/

      This practical course is for anyone who believes that we need to find
      ways to care for ourselves, for each other and for the Earth.
      /"I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and informal teaching styles"*/

      A Permaculture Design Course is a truly life-changing experience.......

      /"It was the best two weeks of my life" * /

      For more details of this course & booking information;
      see the Sustainability And Permaculture group website: www.s-a-p.org.uk
      or call Aranya on 01308 867453
      * /Comments from former two-week residential Permaculture Design Course

      This course is being run through the Workers’ Educational Association
      (WEA). This registered charity (no: 314001) is the UK’s largest
      voluntary provider of adult education. Ever since it was founded in
      1903, in order to support the educational needs of working men and
      women, the WEA has maintained its commitment to provide access to
      education and learning for adults from all backgrounds, and in
      particular those who have previously missed out on education. The WEA
      believes that education is lifelong and should continue beyond school,
      college and university in order to help people develop their potential
      in a democratic society.

      Students who receive a means-tested benefit or Job Seekers Allowance and
      their unwaged dependants qualify for free tuition. Help towards
      accommodation costs may also be available. Please ask for details of how
      to apply for the Learner's Support Fund.

      www.s-a-p.org.uk <http://www.s-a-p.org.uk> mail@...

      Plants for a Future: 7000 useful plants
      Web: http://www.pfaf.org/ same as http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/
      Post: 1 Lerryn View, Lerryn, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0QJ
      Tel: 01208 872 963 / 0845 458 4719
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