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RE: [pfaf] re: fennel seeds and estragole

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  • Elaine Sommers
    I really wish it were possible Frank. I agree about our chains. It is how I feel about life. Money causes so many problems. I m not going to say anymore
    Message 1 of 28 , Mar 11, 2011
      I really wish it were possible Frank. I agree about our chains. It is how I feel about life. Money causes so many problems.

      I'm not going to say anymore because it is off-topic. I just felt that I should tell you I felt solidarity for what you said.


      "We are shaped and fashioned by what we love"
      "Losing your mind can be a peak experience!"
        Jane Wagner
      "Our nature lies in movement; complete calm is death."
        Blaise Pascal
      ". . . the greatest peril of life lies in the fact that human food consists entirely of souls. All the creatures that we have to kill to eat, all those that we have to strike down and destroy to make clothes for ourselves, have souls, souls that do not perish with the body . . . All that exists lives."
      from 'Shaman, the wounded healer' by J. Halifax, 1982

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      Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 10:52:13 +0000
      Subject: Re: [pfaf] re: fennel seeds and estragole

      Stop selling it then, like its all a commodity.(aimed at us)

      Get the nurture ethos. The mothering ethos. The feminine ethos. Thats the doing. We can be mothers and motherers. For motherer read nurturer. Nurturers is it. Positive creativity enhancing all and letting things be, themselves, giving them what they need, allowing them to be in ecologies that nurture there needs, letting them go, letting them fly.

      Read Genevieve Vaughans work at www.gift-economy.com

      Shes written A brilliant book on it. Free on line, called For-giving. And also see free on line Charles Eisensteins brilliant book
      Called Ascent of humanity.
      Mind opening, surprising, staggering.

      For a Moneyless society, a gift society is it. A doing for the sake of the doing -society, not a doing for the sake of what you can get out of it -society.

      And Permaculture. Permanent culture.best practise.with its 3 ethos.

      Our chains are our bills.

      Free land, free resource, equals no bills.

      That and us sharing our those resources.

      Then Locking it so none can come in and change it.

      Living out of the monoculture battery chicken pecking cities.

      Into human scale large but less than 150 human scale family size villages. (See the William Dunbar number, our group size, as to how many people its physically possible to have real human relationships with, how many people its physically possible to give a birthday card too, and its relation to alienation)

      Scare cities and alien nation! We live in! Loving the harm that befalls others! Because its not happening to us. We actually do this!

      United diversity is it. All fed.

      (How to get from here to there? Well youve got to pay for your life anyway, so why not pay it to be a different life. And how do we unite?)

      Its great that free works on line, and we need to do it in real life too. But things stop us. Find out what they are. Release those and we will.

      :) frank

      On Fri, 11 Mar 2011 09:47 GMT Griselda Mussett wrote:

      >I like this discussion. The international legal-capitalist framework dictates that investors and corporates can only make profits on patented (ie synthetic) substances. (Isolated or multivitamins are an example of this - worth millions and millions of dollars worldwide). Natural compounds not only offer the corporates no money but represent a real threat to their profits. So food and herbs are regarded by the pharmaceutical sector as 'bad' and as we know have been subject to extensive and global lobbying damage- the list of their targets is colossal and makes absolutely no sense from an ordinary person's point of view.
      >The traditional understanding of food as the source of our health is under vicious attack - food is now seen as a means of making profit, or more recently as a matter of security! Well, yes, but how far will this go? For hundreds or thousands of years it was a matter of growing your food and medicine in your garden or local farm, then in the 20th c the criminal law came into it (when the EU banned traditional varieties of food plants) and maybe now it's edging towards barbed wire and searchlights. Agh, I'm sorry I went there.
      >At some point people need to question how all this has come about and fight for our 'common' or 'garden' herbs, fruits, vegetables, berries, etc. One practical way to start to get back to sanity would be to demand that supermarkets display the date on which any given product was picked. Also asking them to explain exactly what they mean by the word 'organic' on their labelling.
      >The wisdom, knowledge and expertise in groups like this will need to be spread - ie unpicking this confusing area re: natural/safe for instance.
      >It's a huge task to educate people but this group offers hope.
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      >On 11 Mar 2011, at 01:40, Bekki Shining Bearheart LMT <bekki@...> wrote:
      >> Steve, I thank you for clarifying this-- I really have no wish to get
      >> into a debate. But I feel compelled to respond. You are correct, I am
      >> not saying all herbs are completely safe, or that there might not be
      >> people who might have reactions even to herbs that are generally very safe.
      >> I know people who are deathly allergic to sunflower seeds or soybeans,
      >> which for years have been promoted as a health lots of
      >> things out there that can kill us! if improperly used (like chain saws,
      >> cars, and on and on...) It's about being responsible for ourselves.
      >> What I find frustrating and frightening is that herbs-- which when used
      >> properly have been healing humans for thousands of years--have been
      >> demonized by pharmaceutical companies, who stand to make a lot of money
      >> from prescription drugs, which, as you have said, can have many and
      >> dangerous side effects. Again, it' about being responsible for
      >> ourselves. Educating ourselves. Educating each other.
      >> A lot of regulating is done in the name of protecting us against
      >> ourselves, as if we can't make informed choices. Perhaps if we were
      >> allowed to do that, the human race would evolve into an intelligent
      >> species again.
      >> Bekki
      >> Steve wrote:
      >>> Mary Christine,
      >>> I have no argument with what you said based on your experience, but I
      >>> feel that perhaps you read more into Bekki's statement than she meant
      >>> to convey. She didn't actually say that she thought no herbs could
      >>> cause harm, only that "the powers that be wish to frighten us
      >>> regarding the safety of herbs." I believe that the two points can be
      >>> made independantly of each other.
      >>> Perhaps the best thing is to ask Bekki to clarify what she meant by it.
      >>> As far as the powerful actions of herbs is concerned I am fully on the
      >>> same page as you; herbs work, and we must treat them with the respect
      >>> deserved by any potent energy in nature.
      >>> It should be clear to any thinking person that no governing body can
      >>> rightfully regulate responsible individual use of nature's gifts. I
      >>> believe that even standardisation can be a step in the wrong
      >>> direction. If someone processes an herb and doesn't extract the active
      >>> constituents, it won't work; nobody will go to that person for
      >>> medicine and they will be forced to reevaluate their knowledge base.
      >>> Good medicine is immediately apparent to the sufferer, because they
      >>> find relief. So remedial/therapeutic medicinal quality is
      >>> self-correcting.
      >>> The regulation I believe we are referring to later in the conversation
      >>> thread is Codex Alimentarius, which, as I understand it is to be a
      >>> sort of "white list" of allowed plants, materials and constituents;
      >>> this will, by its nature, criminalize all unlisted items. This cannot
      >>> be allowed to carry on, since it is based on human ego and an
      >>> artificial sense of the holistic balance of nature.
      >>> I fully support any and all non-violent action against this (or any
      >>> other) constrictive regulation of nature-based medicine.
      >>> Peace,
      >>> Steve.
      >>> --
      >>> /"All that is gold does not glitter,/
      >>> /Not all those who wander are lost;/
      >>> /The old that is strong does not wither,/
      >>> /Deep roots are not reached by the frost./
      >>> /From the ashes a fire shall be woken,/
      >>> /A light from the shadows shall spring;/
      >>> /Renewed shall be blade that was broken,/
      >>> /The crownless again shall be king."/
      >>> ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
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