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Re: [pfaf] Weed-suppression

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  • Sara Elbrai
    Great information! Thanks, Sara ... From: Denise For Peace Subject: [pfaf] Weed-suppression To: pfaf@yahoogroups.com Date:
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2010
      Great information!



      --- On Thu, 3/25/10, Denise For Peace <denise_for_peace@...> wrote:

      From: Denise For Peace <denise_for_peace@...>
      Subject: [pfaf] Weed-suppression
      To: pfaf@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010, 1:35 AM

      I am a big fan of (uncoated) cardboard.  It is free.  Biodegradable.  Effective.  I find it breaks down considerably (but continues to block weed growth) after about two months of solid rain--perfect for planting in the Spring because I just cut holes in where I want to drop in seed or transplants and the rest of it continues to stymie weed emergence.  If you want longer lasting mulch, just add more layers of cardboard.  Worms love cardboard, so it feeds the soil as it decomposes.  To make it look more attractive, I cover it with leaves or "hog fuel overs" which is a shredded wood product.  It is course enough that kitties don't want to use it for potty.  Also, it takes a long time to compost, so if I want to remove it from one area, once the weed-suppression task is done, I can easily rake it up and use it again somewhere else.  During the winter, I put it on my paths to keep them from getting muddy. 

      I've found the best place to get huge, uninterrupted expanses of cardboard is at auto repair shops.  Hoods, doors and windshields are shipped in massive cardboard boxes and there are usually some in the recycle bin behind the shop.  I always ask for permission, first.  Here in the U.S. they are sometimes concerned about liability, but I haven't had someone say I couldn't go in and get it--they just want to know I'm out there.  Not too many towns have one of these...  but if you have an RV window repair/replacement shop in your area they have hands-down the most massive, heavy-duty cardboard around!  Some of it will be contaminated with foam that pads the windshields.  Skip that stuff.  But a lot of manufacturers are switching to more environmentally friendly padding made up of multiple layers of cardboard.  Chunks of this stuff can just be pulled off the big swathes of cardboard.

      Of course, appliance stores also sometimes have large boxes from refrigerators, etc., but they pale in comparison (size and thickness) to the auto stuff.

      Hope this helps.

      **Peace, Denise**


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