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[pfaf] The beauty of your skin natural herbal

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  • Griselda Mussett
    Skin like other biological substances is cellular and looks and functions best when the cells are supplied with the right nutrients - ie, fruits and
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 22, 2010

      Skin like other biological substances is cellular and looks and functions best when the cells are supplied with the right nutrients - ie, fruits and vegetables, which are stuffed full of thousands of anti-oxidants and other helpful enzymes and phytonutrients.  

      The skin cells are replaced pretty rapidly, so the beneficial effects of eating more fresh fully sun-ripened whole raw fruits and vegetables are seen early on after such a change.   Gradually over the course of a year or so, all the body's cells are renewed with improved functionality, showing that an improved diet has helped those cells work more efficiently.   By that I mean improved immunity, energy, cardio-vascular health, pregnancy outcomes, defence against the aging process, etc etc.

      It is true that external effects can be achieved - exfoliation, soothing, etc. but really the best and most long-lasting benefits come from a change of diet. 

      I discovered this through a supplement of f&v which was so astonishingly effective that I joined the company and I make no apology for saying that part of my income now comes from talking about this.  It thrills me to see my customers and their families look and feel better when they add so many fruits and vegetables to their diet.   However the best aspect of this (quite unexpected in my case) was to discover that the rest of my diet changed profoundly so that I and my whole family are now eating a far healthier diet - no junk food, almost no meat, and this is almost unconscious...  Apparently it's called metabolic programming - the body prefers and seeks more of what it really needs.    

      I did slightly hesitate to mention all this in such illustrious company, but it has been a joy to me to make this change. I thought I DID have a good healthy diet - we are foodies and have an allotment and a productive small garden - but I now think that was not enough.  I think the problem lies in the supermarket systems where by definition most people in the so-called developed world get their fruits and vegetables.... glamorous-looking glossy foods which come from mass production, depleted soils, premature picking, storage of produce under gas, false ripening, etc, etc., which I guess we all deplore which is why we are here.


      PS If anyone wants to know more please ask - either for their own health or even income.  

      PPS I discovered that skin changes very fast when I had only been eating this f&v supplement for a few months and went to a school-class reunion (aged 59).... and they all demanded to know what I was on!

      On 21 Mar 2010, at 20:54, K wrote:


      * To beautify the facial skin mashed strawberries and grains applied to a face before going to sleep and leave until the morning
      ... Wash with water, parsley and this helps to stimulate the skin, remove wrinkles
      Olive oil
      * To remove wrinkles, face and neck: the neck painted with a mixture consisting
      Half a teaspoon of oil, and egg yolk, and drops of lemon juice
      This remains the mask after twenty minutes with lukewarm water.
      * Olive oil is used for painting the body in order to preserve it from the sun.

      More information please follow the link

      http://herb4all. blogspot. com

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