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  • Richard Morris
    ... Subject: [PermacultureUK] - Permauculture Intro Online Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 20:37:37 +0000 From: permaculture.uk@ntlworld.com ( GeorgeSobol ) Reply-To:
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      Subject: [PermacultureUK] - Permauculture Intro Online
      Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 20:37:37 +0000
      From: permaculture.uk@... ("GeorgeSobol")
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      'Introduction to Permaculture - Tools for Sustainability'

      Greetings. We are writing to you let you know about a new version of
      the Introduction to Permaculture course that we will be offering
      later this month. This is very short notice but we have just been
      given the go-ahead for an exciting development in permaculture
      training which combines traditional 'face to face' contact with
      online discussion and study using the internet.

      So, if you have basic computer skills, we'd like to invite you to
      take part in this new version of the 'Introduction to Permaculture -
      Tools for Sustainability' course, which the Permaculture Euducation
      Project are running in conjunction with the WEA (Workers' Educational
      Association) South West. Owning a computer is not essential as the
      course can be accessed through UKonline Centres, libraries, etc.
      RSVP to gsobol@... or ring 0845 458 0194.

      How will the course be run? The course is 30 hours long and will be
      run over a month. There will be two 'face to face' meetings - a day
      at the beginning of the course and a day at the end - with
      approximately eighteen hours of online study and discussion over the
      month in between. The two meetings will be held at the LEEP site
      (Langford Environmental Education Project) near Exeter where you can
      see permaculture design in practice - both buildings and land use -
      and where we can do the practical parts of the course.

      When is the course starting? VERY SOON! Registrations: NOW!
      Day 1 - Saturday 28 February 2004
      Day 2 - Saturday 28 March 2004

      What does it cost? £60.00 per person or £5.00 if you receive means
      tested benefits. The Learner Support Fund is available to cover fees
      and other costs for people on low incomes, and the
      Learning Support Fund is there to enable learners with disabilities
      to participate.

      There are only 12 places available on the course so if you are
      interested please e-mail gsobol@... or ring 0845 458 0194
      (local rate) as soon as possible. If it is successful we hope to
      extend e-learning to the full Permaculture Design Course in the near
      future. If this is not for you, please pass the information on to a

      With best wishes

      George Sobol & Patsy Garrard
      14 February 2004

      Further Information

      What does the Introduction to Permaculture course cover?

      ... The ethics and attitudes of permaculture
      ... The guiding principles of permaculture design
      ... Observation skills
      ... Simple mapping
      ... Inspiring case studies
      ... A design exercise, working with nature not against it

      You will gain:
      ... a greater understanding of the ethics, attitudes and principles
      used in permaculture design for sustainable living and community
      ... some practical experience of applying your new skills and understanding;
      ... an idea of how to apply these in your own life;
      ... an idea of where to go for further information.

      You will receive information, advice and support prior to the start
      of the course by email, and by telephone if necessary, and you will
      be asked to register online. You will then receive directions to the
      LEEP site for the first Saturday and advice on what to bring.

      For the online part of the course you will work from home, but not in
      isolation. You will be working in small groups or 'learning sets'
      which will give contact and opportunities for discussion, with
      support online and by phone from the course tutor. The interactive
      element means that it will be possible to share much more detailed
      information than is possible within the time constraints of a day's

      Who is it for? Anybody! The online dimension of the course makes it
      more accessible, especially to people such as carers, single parents
      and those with mobility difficulties, by reducing travel costs and
      allowing for more flexiblity of learning time. The course is open to
      anyone over the age of 16 and is suitable for a wide range of people.
      Everybody's contribution is valued and your combined experience is
      enormously important.
      To update our records please delete one statement and return this
      tear-off slip:
      I do / do not wish to receive further mailings from you.


      The Permaculture Education Project is part of the Projects Network of the
      Permaculture Association (Britain) Charity Reg. No. 290897
      Snail Mail: 1 Eureka Terrace, Bovey Tracey, Devon TQ13 9HG
      Voice & Fax: +44 (0)845 458 0194

      Practical strategies for land, buildings and people
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