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'Plastic shammanism' useage by hippie permies/vegan collectives etc.

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  • i23testingcyborg2000
    When Native American ritual is stolen by whites its ceases to be native american ritual - thats what my native american friends say. Jesus doesn t come into it
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 24, 2010
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      When Native American ritual is stolen by whites its ceases to be native american ritual - thats what my native american friends say. Jesus doesn't come into it - thats another tradition and if you ask me a loony one mostly. (in the organised christian church and regualr bible - stone age nonsense).

      Many hippy type permies and vegans etc just take it for granted they they, or the 'scene' can use teepees, and various imitations of native american culture and ritual. Not only is this stolen ritual senario dangerous pyscologically (take care kids of these supposedly sound and right on people!), but it is also disrespectful to native american culture, and ALSO massivly reduces the effectivness of the work that many who are concerned about the trashing of Mother Earth by, essentially, 'western' values by the way,, IN TERMS OF COMMUNITY WIDE EFFECT...and thats the crux, to break through to the wider community on these issues. This issue is ignored by many, thus:


      ..this place is the base for the UK Permaculture Magazine. Native Americans traditions request that Europeans cease using their ritual and culture. This MOST DEFINITLY IS a very very very very serious issue for native american traditionals and even many mainstream native americans.

      It gets even worse with outfits like the mid Wales based 'Workhouse Collective'...they have a kinda hardcore vegan/anaimal rights extremist even type stance, and would campaign activly against Makah tribal whaling for example, thus:


      Headcases! This is what 'plastic shammanism' is - false realities/consciousness made by ritual abuse/theft of indigenous ritual that produces a 'plastic reality'.

      The other point I was making was that although permacultural concepts may by sharing caring, prominent personalities in the permie scene display some very very ultra competive behavious in terms of personal pyscological game plays.

      I.e what I am saying is that you need to forget the vampiring of a multitude of indigenous traditions from around the world, and just take the free love concept of sharing, which really I think most real religions are actually about...and start living by that as much as possible. Thus the ethos of the so called 'rainbow tribe' type thing. (but again perhaps the bloodline native americans are the real Rainbow Tribe..maybe thats just another white mans imitation game), but leave native american ritual alone, and start sharing...and that would most definitly and essentially include any mind altering drugs in the mix. I.e blody well ban dealing, enforced by NVDA (non violent direct action) if neccessary, and start a sharing 'nice' game at events! That way collective consciousness is auspciously changed, and hopefully also on a community wide basis.

      All the best ya'll!

      Blessed be

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