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Re: Owning land some distance away

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  • ryborgryborg268
    ... ...whooops a daisy...think I might have spoken to soon there...was cycling by a pub inhabited by one the pink coats people....some guys outside made some
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 13, 2010
      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "ryborgryborg268" <cromlech108@...> wrote:
      > Neighbours can: be screaming fascists that seek to **** you up in all mannner of ways due to the presence of dreadlock on ones head, with the ultimate aim, it seems, of totally trashing the headtrip that caused you to start the land project in the first place. Thats the UK for you. A different game in Ireland and elsewhere. Of course there are nice straight type locals in the England, its just the (other) hippys that the problem in many ways for real!! (such as the new age anglo clique in north west wales who seem to be totally unable to acept the realy of 'babylon' vampire system and are in effect (still) contained with that entity, and channelling it, despite apparent cosmicness man. This other factor that can be very annoying. I think I've achieved break through in the east sussex case as regards 'the farmers'...

      ...whooops a daisy...think I might have spoken to soon there...was cycling by a pub inhabited by one the 'pink coats' people....some guys outside made some comments...I said: "wild dog ritual abuse county or wild yak country - which one?". Lots of people in the village (Robertsbridge) were out in the snow. The pink coats hate that description of their 'game'. It goes right to the heart of the pink coat fox hunt trip. They don't like it, they don't like been shown, ESPECIALLY not in words, but in terms of community shammanism believe it or not in ordinary locations like the village shop, the reality of ritual abuse. They react badly quite often, refuse to accept this reality, (which would just simply ceasing this activity), and fight back. Very weird vibes I can tell you! I really do think/know that the pink coat type fox hunt has been a community wide rural anti occult/magic/real religious mechanism for many many years that needs to end really so their can be consciousness awareness of the pagan/Mother Earth aspect in rural society, and thus a radical change in behaviour towards genuine respect for the entity. I think in particular regard to the woodland especially communally community owned type forest.

      So if you can accept this analysis for one moment, perhaps you might see how the pink coat trip might seek to undermine the channel that is causing folks to accuratly perceive their reality. They certainly spread some pretty evil what I call 'mind viruses'..or malicious gossip you could say coming from the viewpoint/energy of ritual abuse..of various sorts, thus seeking to trash and or contain the human mind that is channelling the reality if you see what I mean. So something to be aware of please how many time do I have to say it but it doesn't seem to make any difference to those arrogant know all new age types does it now you know who you are solidarity is in order instead the complete and total oppositte appears to the the reality doesn't it now well its you thats got the kids so its you thats in panicing fear about environmental earth crisis that is inevitable if community wide reality does not radically shift.

      So f'k you Ben Law etc, F'k U


      Actually be aware that even these suppossedly 'sound' individuals don't really have a clue about the cure for this 'old age' type energy - i.e. (especially collective) anarchist consciousness. In other words they are not truely free or awake. Now stop egoising and go and live with the peace convoy in Ireland I'm telling you especially the youth. This factor is absolutely essential, and its not just a matter of getting the appropriate permaculture qualifications or whatever. OK?

      ..they you can think about getting hold of control of some land for a permy project. First learn what its all about. The problem with this is that you keep remembering about free squat sharing type reality, and thus relativly what a pile of tedius s*** some sort of individual free enterprise land based trip is!

      Well at least the bur-ruds (AND FOXES) are my friends.


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