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Permaculture courses ideal for vegans, veggies and raw fooders

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  • true_charter
    Permaculture Design Certificate Courses Three courses ideal for Vegans, Vegetarians and Raw fooders In England and at Ecoforest, Spain April, May, June and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2004
      Permaculture Design Certificate Courses

      Three courses ideal for Vegans, Vegetarians and Raw fooders

      In England and at Ecoforest, Spain
      April, May, June and October 2004

      Ecoforest is the world's first vegan, raw food, sustainable living
      community and eco-education project.

      Unique and extraordinary accredited 2 week Permaculture Design
      Certificate courses. Permaculture Diploma support also available

      Permaculture Courses Calendar
      Ideal for raw fooders, vegans, and any one interested in sustainable
      living & natural health.

      5th to 18th April, at Ecoforest, Spain - raw eco-community education
      project with vegan Pc Diploma holders Steve Charter (author of Eat
      More Raw!) & Devin Ashwood - certain to be another `fantastically
      positive, life changing experience.'

      10th to 23rd May at Stepping Stones Housing Co-op, Gloucestershire,
      UK with Steve Charter (Dip.) & Emma Jackson (both vegan permaculture
      teachers) – specialising in community, co-ops, home education as
      well as natural health and vegan / vegetarian permaculture.

      June 6th to 19th Steve will also be teaching with Nir Halfon at Plaw
      Hatch Biodynamic Farm, Sussex, with more of an emphasis on the
      integration of Permaculture design and Biodynamics techniques and

      Autumn Permaculture Course at Ecoforest
      2 Week accredited Permaculture Design Certificate course - lead
      teachers Steve Charter (Dip.), with Wim Bommerez: 10-23 October.

      For details on all these courses and more see www.permaculture-
      steve.net and www.ecoforest.org

      For enquiries, e-mail or write: Steve Charter, Ecoforest, Apdo 29,
      Coin 29100, (Malaga), Spain and Tel (sometimes): 00 (34) 647 003 623
      (Spain, mobile) or from May c/o 24 Vale Close, Lower Bourne,
      Farnham, Surrey. GU10 3HR.

      e-mail is best for me, please send to: true_charter@...

      The costs of Permaculture Design certificate courses are:

      April (Spain): £345/500E
      May (UK): £275/E400
      June (UK): £325/470E
      Oct. (Spain): £345/500E

      Prices include most foods – there is a non-profit on site shop at
      Ecoforest where fruit, nuts and other items may be bought at good

      What's In A Permaculture Course?
      You'll learn to use permaculture to create plentiful yields of food
      and beauty with little effort whilst increasing wildlife and
      building a sustainable planet for all. The course also covers
      ecobuilding, sewage, compost, eco-community and economics, and much
      more. You will be able to find a timetable for a typical course on
      the permaculture-steve website listed below, although innovations,
      adaptations to the venue, teachers or participants, and other fine-
      tunings are often made to each new course … but it's a good guide.

      Ecoforest is a not for profit organisation and a part of all the
      course fees help us work to promote sustainable living, natural
      health, permaculture and eco-communities.

      We can also support people working for their 2 year Diploma in
      Applied Permaculture Design.

      More information available on the internet at: www.ecoforest.org
      and www.permaculture-steve.net

      More Course Information
      April and October courses: Ecoforest is sited in the beautiful Rio
      Grande valley in southern Spain, with the river running along its
      boundary. With over 500 visitors, including 50 permaculture course
      graduates, Ecoforest has changed many lives since it was founded in
      the summer of 2000. Full details and a course pack can be found via

      May course: Stepping Stones is a Housing Co-operative at Highbury
      Farm - a vegetarian / vegan site surrounded by woodland nature
      reserves in Gloucestershire. Drinking water is from the farm's own
      spring. The course will be ideal for vegans and raw fooders,
      integrating many issues including natural health, sustainable and
      community living and appropriate education, including home schooling.

      June course: Plaw Biodynamic Hatch Farm is in the heart of
      Britain's `Rudolph Steiner country' in Sussex. Drinking water is
      supplied by the farm's own spring. In addition to the normal Design
      Certificate syllabus the course will cover the integration of
      biodynamic techniques with permaculture.

      Food and Catering Arrangements:
      Ecoforest: salad foods included in the course costs, additional
      fruit, nuts, dried fruit, etc. can be bought from our small on-site
      not for profit shop. Breakfast is `freestyle', lunch and dinner are
      usually communal for most participants although this is entirely

      Stepping Stones: help yourself breakfast and lunch, communal evening
      meal made by teams each day.

      Plaw Hatch Farm: help yourself breakfast, cater for yourself lunch
      (farm shop open every day) communal evening meal made by teams each

      All the courses will be … experiences in community living, a lot of
      fun and supporting ecological projects and communities.

      Permaculture @ Ecoforest Courses - what people say:
      "The course far exceeded my expectations and I learnt a whole lot
      more than permaculture. A life changing. life enhancing experience…
      I can't think of anything we've done on the course that isn't
      applicable and relevant in my life."

      "I love you and thank you very much. I couldn't expect - and didn't -
      such a powerful and mind shaking course."

      "The spiritual side was a big surprise for me, but a welcome one at
      this time in my life. It's a … good combination of land / spiritual
      aspects, and really great people!"

      "It was a great experience. Skills I will always keep with me.

      "Keep it up. Don't ever stop! I have been fortunate to have many
      incredible learning experiences … but none of them come close to
      these last two weeks. Thank you."

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Booking Slip for Permaculture Courses






      Course Venue: ________________________________

      Course Dates: ___________ Number of persons: _____

      I enclose a 20% non-returnable deposit per booking,

      ____ Euros cash / _____ cheque made payable to Steve

      Charter, and understand that the balance is payable at

      the start of course in Euros.

      Send to: Steve Charter at EcoForest, Apdo 29,

      Coin 29100, (Malaga), Spain or May-Sept: 24 Vale Close,

      Lower Bourne, Farnham, Surrey. GU10 3HR. UK.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      More About Ecoforest
      The Mission of the Ecoforest project and Charitable Trust -
      Ecoforest Education for Sustainability (an Associated Project of the
      Peramculture Association UK, Charity No. 290897) - is to teach and
      enable people to live sustainably. We aim to help create paradise
      garden communities across the globe where residents, visitors and
      volunteers can sustain themselves in ways that sustain and enhance
      the environment for generations to come. Ecoforest was in part
      inspired by PFAF.

      There are many health, spiritual and life skills benefits from
      living here for those that become members or supporters. Ethical
      investors can help us develop this uniquely positive project. Many
      people can help the vision take root and grow.

      We have a regular camping visitor option that includes salad foods
      and our own seasonal fruit – including our own delicious organic
      oranges (Jan-June) - each day, for just 20 Euros per day. Bring your
      own tent and sleeping bag.

      Ecoforest wants and need …
      … more resident and visiting members, ethical investors and
      supporters. Come and visit for a while to get a feel for what it's
      like to live here. We particularly need people who are skilled, self-
      motivated, responsible and effective, and who can support themselves
      financially, perhaps running appropriate courses here.

      Skilled People: We need responsible people to live here or work with
      us (e.g. for 3 or 6 months or longer) taking on key tasks: garden
      management and development; building, structural work and
      landscaping; admin. and visitor support; fund-raising (can be done
      from anywhere!).

      Supporters and Donors:
      We have ethical investment options for donations and for supporters
      of Ecoforest, our work and vision - benefits include free annual
      visitor time here. Please contact info@... for more

      For more info see www.ecoforest.org

      Steve Charter
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