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Re: Forest Gardening

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  • ryborgryborg268
    ..lots of FGs gone to make way for cash cropification according to Gaias Garden - the magic of the market. (sick).
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2009
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      ..lots of FGs gone to make way for cash cropification according to 'Gaias Garden' - the magic of the market. (sick).

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, worzel gummidge <frank_bowman@...> wrote:
      > Thanks will have a look at that later. Fg's are said to be the oldest,with origins in africa and the whole state of kerela india. Which is said to be the first foothold of man out of africa.
      > Robert Hart says he had his idea of perrenial food gardens from Ethiopia and Kerala.
      > Its also said that there is no natural forest that isnt a forest garden of some sort in the past, as when people study forests where indigenous peoples live food and useful trees abound where they wouldnt were people not there. I suppose they both planted and gathered as well as shat the seeds to grow in their neighbourhood.
      > So it looks like its back to the future.
      > I hope so too.
      > Steve wrote:
      > >  
      > > Hi everyone,
      > > This you tube video by Geoff Lawton shows a 300-year-old food forest
      > > garden in Vietnam. It had been in the family for 28 generations at
      > > the time of filming.
      > > http://www.youtube com/watch? v=-5ZgzwoQ- ao
      > > In my opinion, this type of food production is not new, but
      > > re-emerging (out of necessity). Clearly it's something we've got to
      > > get back to.
      > > Peace,
      > > Steve.
      > >
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