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Re: [pfaf] [Fwd: european Transition Town Networking Event 2010]

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  • david.keltie@gmail.com
    I m sure this is of interest to many but it s not related to the list topic. Can at least such posts be marked as off-topic [OT]? Thanks, David
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 25, 2009
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      I'm sure this is of interest to many but it's not related to the list
      topic. Can at least such posts be marked as off-topic [OT]?

      Thanks, David

      On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 10:09 PM, <minizimmi@...> wrote:
      > Dear friends from transition initiatives all over Europe,
      > we are planning a "European Transition Town Conference" as a camp for
      > next year. It will happen from Wednesday, May 19th to Monday, May
      > 24th, 2010. We invite people from Transition Town initatives and
      > those interested in the Transition Town movement from all over Europe
      > to gather in the spring of 2010. The camp will be held in the
      > ecovillage of Sieben Linden in Northern Germany - an impressive
      > example for a newly built resilient village (www.siebenlinden.de).
      > For all who havn't heard about Transition Towns yet:
      > www.transitiontowns.org
      > About 150 activists from Transition Town initiatives from all over
      > Europe will come to share their experiences, learn new methods, get
      > to know each other.and have fun!
      > For more detailled information about the conference and to
      > preregister, please visit
      > http://www.siebenlinden.de/content.php?p=9965
      > FUNDING OF TOTAL COSTS: It is for residents of the EU others than
      > Germans to apply for a Grundtvig-grant for the conference - that
      > grant includes the course fee, a lump sum for food and lodging
      > and the travel expenses. But you have to apply soon!
      > (In Germany, the deadline would be January 15th, but it can differ
      > from country to country. For more detailled information about the
      > funding, please visit http://www.siebenlinden.de/content.php?p=9971).
      > Because of the tight deadline we ask you to spread these news in your
      > networks as soon as possible and to ask all people that might be
      > interested to preregister and to apply for the funding. It is a
      > unique possibility to participate in an interesting conference about
      > the transition movement, to get to know the ecovillage of Sieben
      > Linden and to share your experiences with other initiatives from all
      > over Europe. And all that - if you get the
      > funding - without any costs!
      > We are looking forward to meeting you all in Sieben Linden next year!
      > For all Germans reading this mail, check for prices for German
      > participants in February 2010, they will be different/cheaper then!
      > Sincerely,
      > Julia Kommerell (Sieben Linden)
      > Eva St├╝tzel (Sieben Linden)
      > Steffen Andreae (Niederkaufungen)
      > -----------------------------------------------
      > Neue Telefonnummer und Postleitzahl!!!
      > Julia Kommerell
      > Sieben Linden 1
      > 38489 Beetzendorf OT Poppau
      > Tel: 039000-903903
      > julia.kommerell@...
      > www.siebenlinden.de
      > ------------------------------------
      > Yahoo! Groups Links
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