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Re: [pfaf] mystery plant

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  • Joseph A. Cleary
    Dear Gale: Your mystery flower is a old friend of mine. Your plant has seeds galore under the flowering head by the thousands, it may become top heavy and fall
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 27, 2009
              Dear Gale:
                  Your mystery flower is a old friend of mine.
                  Your plant has seeds galore under the flowering head by the thousands, it may become top heavy and fall over unless it's staked. It's know by names of the Cocks Comb, Princes Feather or even by the Botanical name of Amaranth or Amaranthaceae.
                  The can be eaten if prepared right.
                  They were eaten by the Egyptians at one time, if they still do I don't know.
                   Are You and your family in Israel, if so what part, by the talk of the trees I figured that you might be as around the Tel Aviv area they grow real well, as it's a spice as well as a oil and a fragrance.
                  In 2000 I worked with a group who did the physical labor for the IDF so that they could fight terror, and they did.
                  We live on base with them and the tree's were every where and the bark was always falling off.
                  I got acquainted with some of the feral cats. The cook was afraid that I'd start something they couldn't stop as I love animals. The cats would let me pet them, or pick them up and pet them.
                  I wasn't the only one but animals were and are good judges of charter, they'll only trust the one's that they know that they can trust.
                  The reason the cook said what he did was at the time I was petting all I could reach and there may have been a few hundred cats all over and around me.
                  Your pictures of your place are glorious, beautiful and more words than I can ever say.
                  Baruch Hashem totally for you and all who live in your area. 
                  I grew up on a working farm in Texas.
                  I love your garden both of the human verity and of the plant verity as well.
                  My dear late mother used to say about me that I didn't have a green thumb I had a green arm, I guess she was right about me as I don't seem to be able to kill a plant. But then I've never been cussed out by one yet. A friend of mine in Texas, said that he thought that if the plants could follow me down the road like a dog or a cat he thought that they would. 
                  Right now I have a few Aloe's and a few Century plants, they aren't plants to me instead they're friends. As I feed mine a fish emulsion, nothing died to make anything this is merely water that they used for a time.
                  Least I write a book I'd better end. If you have any questions you can always Google it, under either name.
                  Be Well.
      Shalom, Shalom, Yosef of Ok.      
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      the tree on the bottom looks like a magnolia, but there are so many different varieties, I'm not sure.

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      The message <hbphjo+p7h4@ eGroups.com>
      from "robertalcock" <ralcock@euskalnet. net> contains these words:

      > Someone gave us this plant as a present - nobody seems to know what it
      > is or what uses, if any, it has.
      > There are a couple of photos posted at our website:
      > http://www.abrazoho use.org/? p=341
      > I don't know how to post photos on this newsgroup...
      > can anyone help?

      > thanks a lot

      > Robert

      I can't help on that one, but does anyone know what this one is? The
      seeds are like scarlet beans. It is growing in the grounds of a local



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