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Re: Bender living - ecologically sound low impact dwellings that cost very little

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  • ryborgryborg268
    Field textiles have a nice deal on blue gortex cagoules at the moment...worth going to the warehouse and picking out which sizes you want.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2009
      Field textiles have a nice deal on blue gortex cagoules at the moment...worth going to the warehouse and picking out which sizes you want.

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "Jim" <cromlech108@...> wrote:
      > Put some pictures up for people to have a look and have been meaning
      > to do a bender appreciation page for a long while! Also a design for
      > a tin can stove that can be bashed together in no time. (credits to
      > Jiffy):
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pfaf/photos/album/743612114/pic/list
      > You just make the bender dome frame of bendy poles (try and just
      > weave them together and not use any string!), cover with an inner
      > tarp, I would say (which doesn't have to be waterproof.) Cover this
      > with a layer of insulating material. People used to use old carpets,
      > but I don't like the thought of all the crap from peoples floors
      > dropping on top of me so I try and find something else...the brown
      > fibre stuff, or new carpet offcuts, you can get as offcuts from
      > carpet shop skips is good. Then arrange the canvas or part canvas
      > (not 100% synthetic that can't breath) tarp/s as outer cover. The ex
      > army tarps I recommend below are a touch small I would say, but the
      > longlivity of the things outweighs the slight inconvinience of
      > slightly awkward shape and the window holes. You then fit a stove
      > with chimney going through a round hole in a tin rectangle set on the
      > floor. Attach tarp to wooden slates fixed to edge of tin rectangle.
      > Make sure the tarp is safely held away from the chinmey because these
      > can get red hot. Get some 'flexipipe' for the chimney stack from
      > metal breakers etc. I make the stoves myself out of old cooking oil
      > cans from chip shops etc. Cut out a hole at the front. Then a hole at
      > the back for the stove pipe. Make a bigger hole where the original
      > can opening was - this will act as a cooking hole, which can be
      > closed up when not needed by a slightly larger circle of tin cut to
      > size or from somewhere)..When that is done you need to burn off the
      > paint so bilod a fire outside filling the new stove with wood. You
      > can tack doors to the front opening, but they will not make 100%
      > sealing up stoves (which U need to have one 'stay in') Its like
      > having an open fire in the tent! I like to leave the floor as bare
      > earth, which can take a year or so to dry out fully. Make a bed from
      > a futon or from wooden pallets. SORTED! Now kids find these dwellings
      > the ultimate dens! Very very nice in summer (mossys and flies CAN be
      > a problem, whats about the only disadvantage compared to a caravan
      > say), extremely cosy and warm in winter.
      > The Romans found the indigenous people of Britain living in dwellings
      > of this essential design when they invaded. They promtly trashed and
      > incinerated them inside there lovely homes. They they
      > created 'untruth' saying that thats what the indigenous Celtic
      > wiccans did for ritual. (Thesis)
      > BLESSED BE
      > Source of good quality tarps:
      > I've found the ex army green 'rip stock' nylon reinforced tarps to be
      > excellent for making long terms benders...and they recently improved
      > the grade even further. The material is the best tarp you can get.
      > Anchor Military Surplus Supplies in Nottingham quoted a price of £250
      > for one new quality tent side peice of tarp. I didn't like that price
      > so I source where they get them from which is this place:
      > http://www.fieldtextiles.co.uk/
      > You'll need to go to their warehouse in Essex. They did me a cubic
      > metre of new quality ex army mess tent sides for £150, that would
      > contain about 6 tent sides. They also do smaller pieces. Minimum
      > order is suppost to be £250, but the manager there a guy called Mark
      > was very nice and let me do an order for £150. These green rip stock
      > tarps are VERY hard wearing and will last for years wheras ordinary
      > tarp will rot very quickly if its outside all the time. This place
      > also sells other useful stuff, so take a look at what else you might
      > want to get at the same time. (Very cheap gortext bivy sacks, woolen
      > socks, sleeping bags and the like).
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