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Ginkgo web site Re: Ginkgo fruits Any one eat them, and also

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  • manofpeace32
    I just noticed this from PFAF s artical I posted I like this site alot, and I barly looked yet The bonsai pictures are nice looking the site mentioned
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 23, 2009
      I just noticed this from PFAF 's artical I posted
      I like this site alot, and I barly looked yet
      The bonsai pictures are nice looking
      the site mentioned Pertified wood believed to be (at least ) in central Washington
      the propigation is very informative because of the pictures could help to identify male, and female posibaly.


      Im looking this up on this web site,
      because 2 or 3 days ago I was a wake early,
      (I work 3rd shift)
      I was sitting In My house eating a baked potato,
      and thought to go out side, In a lawn chair close to the ground
      I looked over, and noticed what apeared to be a tree in distress from bugs eating away at the leaves.
      what It accualy was, was a Ginkgo seed popping out from a pile, of leaves, and (alittle) garbage that was raked up into the pile.
      (garbage)hidden under the leaves some decomposing some plastic that needed to be sorted out of the compost.

      I had a quarter grocery bag full of seeds
      I swore was In a small container out side used for garbage
      that wasn't being used , but sat stored by the other garbage cans.
      It must have been dumped In the leaves though.

      I guess if you want a way to grow them leave them in the fruit pulp
      place them In a bag where the heat doesn't escape.
      (Or of coarse place them under plastic for the humidity
      maybe in sand like people do with cuttings to keep them moist(with the sand)

      I have a theory That squirles will eat them after they breed, because of of the stabilizing of their sperm.
      at least I can't say for sure after I cleaned them some squirrles got to the other one a couple days later.
      some random things
      I have noticed a goo from the seeds after they sit for the winter
      a green goo is very hard to remove it is like grease
      I wonder if you can use it as a Dye,probaly not glue, but it has to used for something wood stain mordant or some thing.

      I plan On vinting wine with the leaves,
      this is the first plant I ever made homemade tea from.
      Me, and My friend Josh (RIP)felt very good drinking the tea
      the next day we after waking up we felt very good, euphoria
      I drank it stronger
      I can say it's being like a Kid again No worries
      (this is when I drank it very very strong probaly not good to do long term)
      IM not sure if it's posibal to give you diarea, but maybe it's good to watch out for just in case.

      by the way Our tree first flowered this year 2009
      (so Im guessing it's about 35 years old)

      OH I plan to offer these growing seedlings On freecycle
      I wonder if the soft wood has any use for musical instruments.
      (I have no idea)

      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "manofpeace32" <manofpeace32@...> wrote:
      > Im wondering if any one has eaten Gingko fruits.
      > they are pretty astringent, and smell funny
      > (smells lke crayons, and somthing else),
      > but Im sure they could be , cooked, mixxed, baked, sugar added to
      > taste better.
      > I have other questions, for later on!
      > http://www.pfaf.org/leaflets/ginkgo.php
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