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Re: [pfaf] Re: problems with elaeagnus fruiting

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  • Joseph A. Cleary
    Dear Kate: I don t know about your bee s but I know about the one s we have here in Oklahoma, what our nosey government hasn t tried to kill off. You might try
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      Dear Kate:
      I don't know about your bee's but I know about the one's we have here in Oklahoma, what our nosey government hasn't tried to kill off.
      You might try spraying sugar water on the flowers that will bring the bee's to every flower as they like the other insects all love sugar.
      I pray that you have good luck with your plants.
      I much prefer to work with plants as I've never been cussed out by a plant. A friend of mine once told me that he felt that if a plant could follow me down the road like a dog or a cat he thought that they would. Some have a green thumb, I'm supposed to have a green arm.
      Be well and Shavua Tov.
      Shalom, Shalom, Yosef
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      Try a wee bonnet or cap. Try nodding or wailing. Place them on a rotating disk. (clockwise obviously) for 13 days.

      No seriously, did more than one species/cultivar of Elaeagnus flower at the same time? (to give cross fertilisation). That might be it - you might need specific combinations of cultivars to get them to set fruit. Failing that try singing beautifully to them on the full moon -now that might actually work!

      > I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover PFAF has a mailing list!

      > I wonder if anybody can help me - I've got a few elaeagnus plants that were bought last winter, all are quite young at the moment. The umbellata had lots of flowers on it in april but none seem to have set. Any ideas why? At the moment they are planted in a container filled with peat free compost in semi shade. I know the bees have only just appeared round here so i'm wondering if it flowers too early to be pollinated. I'm in West Yorkshire, UK
      > Thanks,
      > Kate

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