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  • Stephen Barstow
    Hi Richard Please send me the WORD version of the newsletter. Thanks Steve
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2003
      Hi Richard

      Please send me the WORD version of the newsletter. Thanks


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      > 1. Oct Plants For A Future newsletter
      > From: Richard Morris <webmaster@...>
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      > Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 13:25:44 +0000
      > From: Richard Morris <webmaster@...>
      > Subject: Oct Plants For A Future newsletter
      > Hi,
      > The latest PFAF newsletter is below. Appologies
      > if you get this more than once. The newsletter is also
      > arailable in Word format with some nice pictures. Send me an email
      > if interested.
      > Plants For A Future News October 03
      > -----------------------------------
      > Educational events planned for the field
      > ----------------------------------------
      > Our Cornish site, the Field, has been going from strength to strength
      > lately. Frank left a great legacy and injected great energy into the
      > site which is still being built on today. Two new volunteers, Simon and
      > Jane are now regular volunteers and there has been a string of
      > volunteers coming for a week or so. We also have plans to try and get
      > the catalogue moving and start work on an intensive productive woodland
      > garden to really show a good model of the system. But even more
      > excitingly Phil has been hard at work talking with the Workers
      > Educational Association, Bodmin (WEA) and St Austell College (SAC) to
      > organise a number of courses. For more details on any of these events
      > please contact Phil James on 01208 873623.
      > Moor and Seaside Gardening (WEA) Sat 24/Jan/04 or Sat 7/Feb/04 10am-4pm.
      > It is for women only and is being taught by Glyn White. Date to be
      > confirmed.
      > An Introduction to Woodland Gardening (SAC) Wed 17/March/04 and Wed
      > 31/March/04. Open to St. Austell College students as an Enrichment
      > course.
      > Wildlife and Wildflower Gardening (WEA) Sat 20/March/04, 10am-4pm. Women
      > only, tutor: Terry Geater.
      > Environmental Awareness Day (PFAF) Sat 27/March/04. We are hoping to
      > have stalls from a variety of organisations, tours of the land and
      > perhaps some entertainment. *** A Great chance to visit the Field ***
      > Winter Salad Garden (WEA) Fri 9/April/04 > -> Mon/12/04. Open to all. Four
      > 5-hour sessions.
      > Winter Salad Garden follow up sessions (PFAF) . Sat 23/May/04, Sat
      > 19/June/04 Sat 10/July/04. Each of these sessions will be 5 hours long.
      > The Bountiful Woodland Edge Garden (WEA) Sat 30/Oct/04, Sun 31/Oct/04,
      > Sat 13/Nov/04, Sun 14/Nov/04. Open to all. Four 5-hour sessions. We are
      > also hoping to have 2 follow up sessions to this course in 2005.
      > Monthly work weekends at Blagdon
      > --------------------------------
      > The last year has been a fallow year for Blagdon, we felt it was time to
      > take a step back and contemplate the future direction of the site and
      > the project as a whole. See the Big Pow Wow overleaf for details. Next
      > year we hope to get things moving again. We will be holding a monthly
      > work party and meeting at the Blagdon Site on the second weekend of each>
      > month. The weekends will run from Friday night to Monday morning and all
      > are welcome to attend at any time.
      > The dates of the are: 10/11 Jan, 14/15 Feb, 13/14 March, 10/11 April
      > (may be a week later to avoid clash), 8/9 May, 12/13 June, 10/11 July,
      > 14/15 August, 11/12 Sept, 9/10 Oct, 13/14 Nov and 11/12 Dec.
      > The work groups will focus on the Welcome Garden, which is the first
      > garden you will see when you enter the site and includes the area around
      > the Visitors Centre. This will be very important for giving a good first
      > impression of the site. In December we will be doing the landscaping to
      > prepare the area of the garden, fill in the old entrance with a new
      > hedge and work on our access track.
      > This winter we are also focusing on regenerating our coppice woodland
      > and maintaining our new planting. The coppice is about 4 acres that has
      > not been managed for 30 years; we intend to cut it right back so that in
      > ten years time we will have a productive hazel coppice. The new planting
      > of 20,000 tree will be "beaten up" (i.e. cleared of clearing
      > undergrowth, maintenance of trees and fixing fencing) to give the trees
      > a helping hand and we will also need to do some re-stocking to replace
      > losses and fill out some of the spaces. These trees were planted five
      > years ago and we appear to have very few losses and the alders have done
      > very well. However the deer have been munching many of the other trees.
      > Blagdon: time for the big pow-wow
      > ---------------------------------
      > Its an America Indian tradition that the bigger the decision the more
      > people should be consulted and the longer it should take. For the
      > biggest decisions, such as going to war they would have to consult every
      > member of the tribe and take several years to decide.
      > Plants for a Future is at such a decision stage as to the future
      > direction of the charity and the Blagdon site. The past five years at
      > Blagdon have been very mixed, with a string of successful events but
      > many problems. We have now come to the realisation that the site cannot
      > continue in its current state and that major decisions need to be made.
      > We are now in a six-month consultation phase reviewing the major
      > options. As loyal supporters of the charity we would welcome your input
      > on the subject.
      > There are a number of different options we available:-
      > · Pursue a major fundraising strategy to secure large sums to finance a
      > permanent visitors centre and the staff to run it.
      > · Try to build a new core group of local people who are prepared to put
      > in a regular commitment to run the site.
      > · Reduce the size of the Blagdon site to a more manageable level and
      > sell or lease other parts of the site to like-minded groups or
      > individuals.
      > · Concentrate all our energy on the field in Cornwall the database,
      > website, a plant catalogue and core charity activities (getting the mail
      > answered promptly!) The field is now feeling a more positive place and
      > there is exciting news about courses and events there. Possible putting
      > some of the excess from the sale into other groups pursuing similar
      > aims.
      > · Become two separate groups with full independence of both sites.
      > · Change the nature of the site so it becomes a more community based
      > project, concentrating on making the site financially self-sustaining by
      > say running a catalogue or community composting. This might put the
      > demonstration gardens aspect of the site on hold for a while.
      > People are perhaps the most important resource; if the site is going to
      > flourish then more people need to become involved. We identified a
      > number of key roles that would be needed in a new look Blagdon:
      > · Head Gardener: responsible for maintaining and developing the
      > demonstration gardens.
      > · Volunteer/Training Co-ordinator: responsible for supporting
      > volunteers, organising events courses etc.>
      > · Plant Catalogue Manager: responsible for setting up and running
      > our plant catalogue.
      > · Broadscale Site Manager: responsible for the larger scale
      > aspects of the site, such as the woodland, paths, camping facilities and
      > wildlife areas.
      > · Community Liaison Officer: responsible for building links with
      > the community, for example through community composting and school
      > visits.
      > · Outreach officer: to run our presence at shows and events and
      > coordinate our regional representative and regional garden program.
      > · All round office super-hero: to develop our publications,
      > getting the mail answered on time etc.
      > · Project manager: to co-ordinate all the above roles, develop
      > business plans and manage the development of a permanent visitors
      > centre.
      > These roles are not set in stone if anyone has interesting ideas then we
      > would be happy to support them. If we have sufficient interest in these
      > roles then we will start submitting bids to secure funding for these
      > posts.
      > The other major question we are looking at is selling or leasing various
      > parts of the site. We would want to keep the first field for the
      > visitors centre and demonstration gardens. But there are a number of
      > other fields which we would like to see used.
      > · The native woodland: we would be happy to break this up into
      > small packets, but only on the strict prevision that they be kept as
      > woodland, managed sustainably, and possibly used for traditional
      > woodland crafts. So if you ever fancied owning your own bit of woodland
      > now is your chance!
      > · The orchard field, this is southwest facing so is idea for
      > growing fruit crops but beware: like most of the site it has a heavy
      > clay soil and is very moist.
      > · The retreat field, this field already has the beginnings of a
      > meditation garden and a tree bog and is an ideal place to hold outdoor
      > camps and events.
      > · The community field, we have outline planning permission for 28
      > holiday chalets here, there are ideas for building some small retreat
      > spaces/camping barns here. Could you do something with this field?
      > · The camping field/lake. The lowest part of the site. There are
      > plans for a lake here.
      > · The working field. This is where we plan to have our
      > agricultural shed and poly tunnels and has the best access. We would be
      > happy to lease parts of the field to small scale plant based
      > enterprises, such as willow coppicing.
      > Each field is about ten acres, we would like to insure that they are
      > managed is a sustainable and vegan way (sorry no chickens!) We would
      > probably also like to retain access rights through most of the site. Our
      > overriding objective is to ensure that the land is used well.
      > We are now looking for anyone interested in the options above. Hopefully
      > we will have an AGM at some point, but day yet to be fixed. Please get
      > in touch either by email to webmaster@..., writing to 1 Lerryn
      > View, Lerryn, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0QJ or by phone to 01208 872
      > 963.
      > Immediate opportunities: we have a very urgent need for office
      > assistance to get our mail answered on time. This could either be in
      > Lerryn or at your own home, but you would need to be close to either
      > site. We also need a third charity trustee to help oversee the work of
      > the charity.
      > Nearly there with the database
      > ------------------------------
      > A interim release of the database is now out. This features 7417 plants
      > in it and 400 photos and a web-browser based interface. However its is
      > still in a half-way stage, with the old MS-Access versions without
      > pictures and a set of static webpages with photos (pretty much like the
      > website but limited search capacity). The other big change has been the
      > creating of a new Medicinal Use Rating field, which ranks plants
      > according to how useful they are medicinally. This will be available for>
      > download from our website www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/D_obtain.html.
      > The next project will hopefully be to put our 300 medicinal herb
      > factsheets into a nice package on CD-ROM.
      > Plant Catalogues
      > ----------------
      > The first signs have been seen of a stock of plants being available from
      > PFAF, but so far these are only a few plants for a special order for the
      > East London Medicinal Herb Garden. Who knows there might even be a
      > catalogue next year!
      > In the mean time we are now working with some other partner nurseries
      > who can supply many PFAF style plants. Some of the profits from these
      > nurseries will be donated to PFAF if you mention our name while
      > ordering:
      > Wildwood Nurseries (WW)
      > Lower Manor Cottage
      > Thornbury
      > Holsworthy
      > Devon
      > EX22 7DD
      > Email: lorna@...
      > Phone 01409 261324 Fax 01409 261324
      > Distribution: UK
      > How to order: Direct from Wildwood by email/phone
      > Last Updated: March 03
      > Forever Trees Nursery (FT)
      > Denbury Road
      > Ipplepen
      > TQ12 5TR
      > Phone 01803 814098 Distribution: UK
      > How to order: Direct from Forever Trees
      > Last Updated: March 03
      > Cool Temperate Nurseries (CT)
      > 10 Ivy Grove
      > Nottingham
      > NG7 7LZ
      > Email: philcorbett53@...
      > Phone 0115 847 8302 Fax 0115 847 8302
      > Distribution: UK
      > How to order: Direct from Cool Temperate by email/phone
      > Notes: Many Trees supplied on their own rootstock
      > Last Updated: April 03
      > (List of plants deleted, see website for details
      > http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/Links_3.html)
      > --
      > Plants for a Future: 7000 useful plants
      > Web: http://www.pfaf.org/ same as http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/
      > Post: 1 Lerryn View, Lerryn, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0QJ
      > Tel: 01208 872 963 / 0845 458 4719
      > Email: webmaster@...
      > PFAF electronic mailing list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pfaf
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      > ________________________________________________________________________
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    • Richard Morris
      ... Here you go. Rich -- Plants for a Future: 7000 useful plants Web: http://www.pfaf.org/ same as http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/ Post: 1 Lerryn View,
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 2, 2003
        Stephen Barstow wrote:
        > Hi Richard
        > Please send me the WORD version of the newsletter. Thanks
        > Steve

        Here you go.

        Plants for a Future: 7000 useful plants
        Web: http://www.pfaf.org/ same as http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/
        Post: 1 Lerryn View, Lerryn, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0QJ
        Tel: 01208 872 963 / 0845 458 4719
        Email: webmaster@...
        PFAF electronic mailing list http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pfaf
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