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Re: [pfaf] RE: Comfrey Compost Tea

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  • Gail Lloyd
    COMFREY COMPOST TEA (aka COMPOST ACTIVATOR TEA) (makes enough for up to 64 cubic feet compost pile) 6 cupsdried or 12 cups fresh nettles (be sure to wear
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2009
      (makes enough for up to 64 cubic feet compost pile)
      6 cupsdried or 12 cups fresh nettles (be sure to wear gloves)
      6 c dried or 12 cups fresh comfrey leaves
      2 cups flaked or powdered kelp
      1 cup liquid fish emulsion
      Put all ingredients into a 5-gallon bucket and fill bucket with water.  Let sit in warm place 4-8 hours.  Pour all into your compost pile.
      Hartung, Tammi.  Growing 101 Herbs That Heal.  Pownal, Vermont: Storey Books, 2000.

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      Subject: [pfaf] RE: Cowhorn, Comfrey Compost Tea
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      Date: Sunday, May 31, 2009, 10:46 AM

      Hi, Steve.

      I've heard of this cowhorn thing...  do you know what theory underlies it?

      Also, any specifics for making comfry compost tea?  I'm ready to do some hacking in my comfrey patch and would love to try this.  We have well water.  Five gallon bucket?  Ratio water/comfrey/ other herbs?  Does it matter if the comfrey has already flowered?

      On another note:  anyone who doesn't already have an aloe vera plant might consider getting one.  They grow readily from cuttings, so if you know anyone with a plant, you can get your own skin-repair factory going in no time. 

      Aloe is a miracle worker with skin!  For anyone who gardens, a must-have.  I harvest a bit every night and rub it on my hands, neck and face to repair damage from the sun and "garden hands."  My right hand also has the unfortunate propensity for cracking open (back of hand and ends of fingers), even when I'm not gardening or doing other rough work.  It seems to be related to stress and nothing topical has ever helped much.  Over the years, I've tried all kinds of lotions and ointments.  The only ones that have worked have been Carmex and home-made concoctions of bee's wax and herbal extracts made by my herbalist friends.  But nothing beats pouring some freshly scraped aloe juice/pulp into a couple of nitrile gloves, mushing it into all the finger tips, and wearing them overnight.  The cracks on the back of my hand will close up and heal in one night!  The cracks on the fingertips (much deeper and very painful) take 2-3 nights to heal
      completely, though there's huge improvement after just one night.  Now that I'm making this a part of my routine, maybe I won't have cracking hands any more!

      **Peace, Denise**
      The Mystery of Life is not a problem to be solved
      but a reality to be experienced.   ~Frank Herbert~ 
      The Suburban Ecovillage Project
      www.suburbanecovill age.org

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