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Re: Cowhorn, Comfrey Compost Tea

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  • Steve
    Hi Denise, As kate says, the underlying theory is biodynamics, from Rudolph Steiner s lectures in the early 1920 s. Homeopathic preparations of mineral, plant
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      Hi Denise,

      As kate says, the underlying theory is biodynamics, from Rudolph Steiner's
      lectures in the early 1920's.

      Homeopathic preparations of mineral, plant and animal products (usually
      fermented) are used to activate the soil and facilitate nutrient uptake,
      biodiversity and humus building.
      Check out the section on this page titled "The Biodynamic Preparations" ..

      Also http://www.biodynamics.com/biodynamics.html

      One of the basic principles of biodynamic agriculture is the view of the
      whole farm as an organism (not unlike Gaia theory - check out James
      Lovelock). This holistic view is also espoused in Permaculture (Mollison,
      Holmgren et al.), and allows the designer to focus more broadly on the big
      picture, rather than getting bogged down in single areas of management.

      As Kate mentioned, Rudolph Steiner was certainly ecclectic (depending on
      your worldview, you might call him genius, inspired, eccentric, odd, loopy,
      or raving mad) - I say read his stuff and decide for yourself.

      Another aspect of biodynamics is planting in tune with the natural rhythms
      .. Cosmic influences from the sun, moon, planets and stars were some of the
      factors Steiner pointed to as valid considerations in agriculture.
      The Stella*Natura Calendar is a good place to look for an example of this
      discipline.. each day aligns with a different aspect of nature.. Maria Thun
      was a German Biodynamic farmer and discovered that when the moon passes in
      front of a constellation bearing the qualities of a certain element, then
      the corresponding plant aspect was enhanced. For example: the earth element
      enhanced root growth, water for leaf, air for flowers and fire for fruit.
      This would be particularly relevant when planting seeds of each plant type
      (carrots, parsnips, for root correspondences, etc).

      It should be noted that Stella Natura's authors state in no uncertain terms
      that, "Attending to the lunar rhythms should refine and enhance one's
      practices, never paralyze or unduly postpone one's work by waiting for only
      the most perfect time."

      I think that can be applied to most alternative techniques, as we must first
      of all grow ourselves some food and go about our business in life. If we
      can find something which helps us do that, then that's wonderful.




      "Would that I could gather your houses into my hand, and like a sower
      scatter them in forest and meadow."

      ~from -The Prophet-
      by Kahlil Gibran

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