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Re: [pfaf] Telepathine

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  • matthew@b-and-t-world-seeds.com
    I must try this ! I have never been curious enough to eat or drink the leaves although I ve been growing Passiflora incarnata for 20 years or so. The French
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      I must try this !

      I have never been curious enough to eat or drink the leaves although I've been growing Passiflora incarnata for 20 years or so. The French sell leaves in their pharmacies, and have considerable plantations. I have been recommending the crop to vineyard owners who want to diversify, The region is a dry limestone part of South France, that is fairly suitable for the species, although some of the old vineyards are probably too dry.

      The fruit are sweet, slightly acidic, full flavoured and aromatic :)


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      That is interesting. But in two experiences using three
      teaspoonfuls of dried passion flower leaf, I had a
      definite paranormal boundary deficit start, and I have
      enough problems that I avoided it thereafter.

      Mary Christine

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      There was a confusion between harmala alkaloids (named from Peganum
      harmala) and tryptamines, which are the active ingredients in Ayahuasca (Yaje).
      This confusion prompted the name "Telepathine" for the harmine isolated from
      Banisteriopsis caapi. In Ayahuasca the action of the MAO-A inhibitor
      (Harmine) is to render tryptamines (DMT) orally active.

      A few plants include Harmine or other MAO inhibitors (St. John's Wort) in
      their chemistry, Harmine is known to be an insecticide which may be why
      plants produce it.

      Harmala alkaloids are not psychoactive on their own (although set and
      setting may induce unusual experiences) and the concentration in Passiflora
      incarnata is very small. To become "loaded" one would have to ingest an
      enormous quantity of herbage/roots together with some psychoactive compound.
      Harmine also acts as a strong purgative/emetic, rendering the digestion of
      large quantities of plant materials problematic.

      By themselves harmine alkaloids are not recorded as having any durable ill
      effects, and are cytotoxic against some cancer cells. Unlike
      pharmaceutical MAO inhibitors, harmine is selective and does not allow tyramine across
      the "brain blood barrier".

      Doubtless I have made some errors here, there is a lot of unfortunate
      information available where early mistakes in the names and effects of chemical
      compounds have been copied and exaggerated. I am sure there are web-sites
      where accurate information about harmala alkaloids and MAO inhibiton are


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