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Re: [pfaf] Nutrient data of wild flora (as complete as possible)

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  • Jacques PRESTREAU
    Hello Matthew ! ... Yes... now it s done ! ;-) I had heard about GRIN Taxonomy during my first general biology studies very long years ago, but I beeing
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 18, 2009
      Hello Matthew !

      > I guess you have already seen the information at Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases:
      > http://www.ars-grin.gov/duke/

      Yes... now it's done ! ;-)

      I had heard about "GRIN Taxonomy" during my first general biology
      studies very long years ago, but I beeing zoologist I didn't knew this
      part "Dr Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases".

      And you've lead me to a excellent reference !

      I've tried numbers of wild genera, this morning, after I read your
      answer. Very good ! Unfortunately, "Dr Duke's Phytochemical and
      Ethnobotanical Databases" miss large numbers of wild taxa however very
      common. But yes, it's a very good track for a good number of them !
      Searching for example by the genera Viola or Taraxacum ou Sonchus or
      Urtica gives some of the facts that I search ad with concentrations
      (hum... it's taxa that are very, very known everywhere in the
      litterature, so of course I knew some of them). But alas some other
      very, very common flowers and plants, like Primula or Bellis (the very
      known Bellis perennis) or Picris, for example, give nothing in the
      "*Plant Searches"* group. Of course I admit that it's a benedictan work
      to create and maintain such databases. So I think that several sources
      will be good to be complementary each others.

      But it's a great, great suggestion that you've done ! Because it takes
      me to a real march !

      Below in the same page, the "*Ethnobotany Searches"* group is mainly
      oriented to phytotherapy and herboristery.

      And below again, in the group "Browsable databases" :

      - "*EthnobotDB*" takes to a wonderful tool for medical uses, but tells
      nothing about nutrient data.

      - *"FoodplantDB*" takes to some informations as food uses, but without
      the tables of data to lead a comparison work and evaluations of rates
      between elements.

      And at last, below again, in the "Nutritional Databases",

      - "USA Database" is very well known for the classical human nutrition,
      but so oriented to classical human food that it contains with very, very
      few wild taxa.

      - and "Med Access Nutrition Database"
      http://www.medaccess.com/diet_guide/food1.htm is... unfortunately a dead
      link. In fact, all the domain http://www.medaccess.com/ seems to be
      dead. And I haven't found anywhere a new domain or URL searching with
      the term Medaccess as keyword in Google neither in Biomed/Pubmed and
      tolweb. In french we have an expression : "C'est une regrettable
      perte..." meaning it was very probably a great reference but it's a loss
      for the knowledge if there is no trace remaining.

      So, I still keep on searching for at least one or two other references
      with the same level as "Dr Duke's" that could be a complement to "Dr
      Duke's databases" (which is now in my favorites, thanks !) for some very
      common flowers remaining absent in it. If you (or whoever else) have
      other suggestions, it would be wonderful !

      Thanks for that first suggestion, Matthew ! It's already a very good one
      for my researches !

      Best regards !

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      > Welcome Jacques !
      > I guess you have already seen the information at Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases:
      > http://www.ars-grin.gov/duke/
      > a+
      > Matthew
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      > Subject: [pfaf] Nutrient data of wild flora (as complete as possible)
      > Hello everybody !
      > I've just joined your community. I'm french, owner of another Yahoo
      > group <a href="http://fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/tortues/">http://fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/tortues/</a> of nearly the same size
      > (close to 900 members) but it's not a botanical group, it's a zoological
      > group, association of turtle and tortoise (the taxonomic order of
      > Testudinidae or "chelonians") breeders, with veterinaries, medicine
      > physicians, pharmacists, biologists, university professors.... and of
      > course many, many mere lovers.
      > Personnally I'm biologist. I've been zoobiologist for 25 years.
      > My first question after joining PFAF members is relative to my
      > associative work in chelonian breeding and studying.
      > Do you know a book (even expensive, I don't mind) compiling the
      > >>nutrient data<< for the >>maximum possible<< of wild plants, whatever
      > they are, european or worldwide ? I always find only little lists,
      > limited, elementary of for too few plants.
      > Many excellent books (and of course PFAF website !) exist about wild
      > flora, with description, pharmacotoxicity, etc. but the nutrient data
      > are always desperately short. And USDA database (even the actual SR21)
      > doesn't contain a lot of wild plants. Even Taraxacum, Urtica, Sonchus or
      > Trifolium, which are nevertheless very current in human ethnobotanic,
      > are missing... So if I ask for Viola, Primula, etc. there's any chance
      > to find them in it. And it's only examples af the most current taxa... I
      > look for really wider lists, hundreds... or why not, thousands of wild taxa.
      > My searches in the publications by USDA, INRA, etc. have returned very
      > few results, very limited publications, any real reference books. But
      > I'm sure I have let important books pass me by.
      > So If you could help me by suggesting very good and relatively full
      > reference books about nutrient data of the wild flora, as complete as
      > possible... you'd be very, very kind !
      > With or without toxicologic facts, I don't mind, because for this
      > aspect, I have more than I need...
      > Best regards
      > Jacques
      > (in France)
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