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Abundant Life Seed Foundation

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  • Graham Burnett
    ... From: Carole Shorney Subject: SEEOG news, via UK Kitchen Gardens, sad news Message: 1 Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 07:13:29 -0400 From: chris reid
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2003
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      Subject: SEEOG news, via UK Kitchen Gardens, sad news

      Message: 1
         Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 07:13:29 -0400
         From: chris reid <reidchris@...>
      Subject: Anyone Growing Seeds from Abundant Life Seed Foundation?

      Since so many members of this group seem to range far and wide looking for
      new seeds, I thought I would pass on some news about a fire apparently
      destroying most of the seed stock of Abundant Life Seed Foundation in Port
      Townsend, Washington USA.

      If you have ever ordered seed from them and continued to save seeds, they
      are interested in hearing from people who can offer to send back some seeds
      to help rebuild their collection.  They do not want seeds mailed at this
      point, but just to know what's out there.  They had 2000 varieties of
      heirloom seeds up to 1500 years old, so the fire -- which last I heard was
      believed to be arson by a couple of local teenagers -- appears to have
      caused a stunning loss to the world, possibly forever.  Originally they
      thought they had lost everything, and since then, they have discovered some
      seeds in file cabinets which will be tested for viability.  I haven't been
      able to find a September update to post here.

      Here is a post describing the fire, and a link to ASF website.


      Chris Reid

      Gaias-cafe]seed foundation destroyed by fire
      Jackieo gaias-cafe@...
      Mon, 4 Aug 2003 12:50:20 -0700

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      I live in Port Townsend, Washington, USA, home of the Abundant Life Seed =
      Foundation who propagate and sell seeds which are endangered, =
      open-pollinated, antique and hard-to-find varieties.
      This morning a tremendous fire destroyed the over a hundred-year-old =
      building which housed the offices, retail, catalog and storage =
      facilities.  The farm, barns and drying sheds are located elsewhere and =
      were not affected.  The old building also housed a gourmet grocery, meat =
      market and green grocer.
      The loss of the seeds is horrible, as many of these varieties cannot be =
      found anywhere else.  =20
      Here is the website.  There has not been a call for donations of seeds, =
      money, etc. yet, but I will write again if there is new information.  =
      Feel free to pass this information on to others who might be interested.


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