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Anti oxidants

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  • Peter Ellis
    I m copying this from a cider making group I m on as I thought it might interest people here. I hadn t realised the anti oxidant idea had changed. The original
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2009
      I'm copying this from a cider making group I'm on as I thought it might
      interest people here. I hadn't realised the anti oxidant idea had

      The original questioner had asked about them. The responder is a retired
      food industry industrial chemist, who is a great source of valuable
      information and regular poster on the group.

      michael wrote:

      > > better pollination-but would really like to know whether my cider does
      > > contain a reasonably high level of antioxidants.

      I have worked in this field most of my professional life. In cider,
      antioxidants are virtually synonymous with 'tannins'. So the more
      bittersweets you use, the more antioxidants you have. There are a couple
      of reasonable recent NACM sponsored papers on this by Serena Marks and
      Alan Crozier in Glasgow. See these links to the abstracts (you have you
      pay to get the full text):



      Oxidation during processing also affects the levels hugely.

      Bear in mind that the whole antioxidant / radical scavenging thing is
      now pretty much discredited in the biochemical community. Only the Daily
      Mail now believes in it. There is little chance of anything from cider
      or blueberries getting into the bloodstream at levels high enough to
      have any antioxidant activity greater than what is already there from
      normal metabolism. Current thinking is that the very small amounts
      (micromolar) that do get into the plasma have the effect instead of up
      or down regulating existing body genes which code for useful enzymes
      such as glutathione peroxidase or nitric oxide synthase. This could
      indeed be a powerful effect but nothing to do with antioxidant activity.

      There are lots of good reasons for eating fruit and veg (or even
      drinking cider?) but antioxidant value per se is not one of them.
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