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Gardening in Spain

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  • Steve
    Hi Robert, The dishes still aren t done, but I found this publication you might be interested in. It s called Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain and it s by
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2009
      Hi Robert,

      The dishes still aren't done, but I found this publication you might be
      interested in.

      It's called "Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain" and it's by Clodagh & Dick

      The publisher is:
      Santana Books
      Apartado 41, 29650 Mijas-Pueblo (Málaga), Spain
      T. (0034) 952 485838, F. (0034) 952 485367, e-mail info@...
      Price 14.90 euros plus 8.5 euros postage and packing direct from the

      I found it at:

      While I'm procrastinating, I may as well recommend "Seed to Seed," by
      Suzanne Ashworth - an incredible seed-saving guide "describing specific
      techniques for saving the seeds of 160 vegetables."

      The Seed Savers Exchange is a good source for heirloom seeds - they're at
      Now, I wouldn't normally tell someone they should order seeds from halfway
      round the world, but if you order heirloom seeds, then you might not have to
      do it for a long time to come.


      Good luck with your garden.


      "Look beyond complexion and see community.."
      Maya Angelou

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