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  • Richard Morris
    Dr.Vidya Swamy (biofuels@mecheng.iisc.ernet.in) added the comment: SuTRA, Sustainable Transformation of Rural Areas, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2003
      Dr.Vidya Swamy (biofuels@...) added the comment:

      SuTRA, Sustainable Transformation of Rural Areas, Indian Institute of
      Science, Bangalore, has been working with a non-edible oil from the
      seeds of a tree called Honge (Pongamia pinnata) Karanj in Hindi. The
      experience has been that this oil is a good substitute for diesel. There
      are many such similar trees and shrubs available in India, whose
      seed-oils can become potential biofuels. Scientific screening of the
      various oils, in terms of performance as well as yield, has not been
      systematically documented and it is now essential to do so and produce a
      technically sound database. This is possible if the experiences of
      various people in this field are aggregated and documented in a
      scientific and systematic manner.Recently SuTRA, jointly with the
      Samagra Vikas Trust (SVT), a Bangalore - based NGO, organized a seminar
      for production of a policy document for biofuels, which is being readied
      for presentation to the Government in a about a months time. This
      seminar discussed some of the issues involved but from another point of
      view, specifically for evolving a national policy for
      biofuels.Objectives of this workshop will be
       To identify scientific experts who are working in this field.
       To call for scientific notes and observations, covering all
      aspects of production of seeds for biofuel, from such identified experts.
       To review / screen and consolidate the papers into a technical
      document for wide circulation throughout the country.
       To invite the experts who have contributed papers for a
      discussion meeting to revise the draft.
       To officially release the document at a meeting at Bangalore
      during september 2003.
      intresetd people can contact us on boifuels@... or
      visit http://agni.csa.iisc.ernet.in/sutra or
      Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012- INDIA
      Tel: (080) 360 2435, 360 0080 & 293 2331 Fax: 260 2435 & 360 2993

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      Web: http://www.pfaf.org/ same as http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/
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