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Re: Using grow bags. An easy way to grow trees

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  • Jim
    Good method Frank - put the picture up in the photo album maybe and then to it from this thread. Jim ... xfrank ... a lot, said he d never seen it done before.
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      Good method Frank - put the picture up in the photo album maybe and
      then to it from this thread.


      --- In pfaf@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Bowman" <frank_bowman@...> wrote:
      > Hello, Ive put an attachment picture with this, so I hope it works.
      > Using grow bags. An easy way to grow trees
      > Ive got an easy way to grow lots of trees. A friend, who propogates
      a lot, said he'd never seen it done before. I may have got the idea
      from the way that people grow tomatoes in small growbags. What I do
      is, I would make holes in a £1 growbag, I draw out a grid in straight
      lines with a felt tip pen, and with a straight piece of wood, draw 5
      lines along the length, and about 13/14 lines across, getting 65/70
      crosses, I'd cut each cross with a Stanley knife, and push a chisel
      down each hole, then put 65 seeds in each hole, such as a plum stone,
      or a hazel nut, and fill in all the holes Id made, in the grid, so
      that I get as many in for the space that was available.
      > Then I'd put all the grow bags Id done, on the ground, outside,
      thinking that they had to go through the winter, getting frozen
      etc,as they do, and then in the spring, they would all start to poke
      their new heads up through the holes and grow into trees.
      > This worked for the Hazels and plums, that I planted, except that
      the voles and the mice got to know what was inside the growbags, and
      Id end up with missing seeds, so I realised it was better doing it on
      tables off the ground.
      > Putting the growbags full of seeds, outside on rough and ready
      tables works, and now I don't get any grow bag invaders. Mind you I
      am a bit wary to be neat and clean, when I plant the seeds in the
      holes, I sweep off any excess compost, and pick up any dropped seeds,
      because I have a feeling if any drop onto the ground in the vicinity,
      it might give the pesky creatures ideas, and I know from experience
      that once you get one mouse catching on to something, then word of it
      very rapidly spreads to the others. How that happens is a mystery,
      (its not, Im just saying that, its just that we think animals are
      thick, and humans intelligent). So far, touch wood, I haven't had any
      of them come up onto the tables, to massacre them.
      > Growing the seeds in grow bags is an easy excellent idea because
      all the way through the dry months in spring and summer, there is
      still lots of moisture retained in the grow bag, so you don't have to
      keep an eye on them, to have to bother about watering them. With
      hazel nuts and plum stones, and sweet chestnuts, the 70 trees, in
      each grow bag will be reaching a good height, 6 to 12", by July,
      August, September.
      > I have grown hazels, sweet chestnuts, walnuts, and plums, this way,
      and now I want to experiment with gooseberry cuttings, Japanese
      wineberry cuttings, apple seeds (apple seeds will produce crab
      apples, and one in a hundred, will produce a new eating apple), and
      perhaps many others.
      > Apart from Ash and Hazel, which can be used to make fences with,
      and Willow for coppicing for woodfuel, basketry, and structures, I am
      only really interested in food trees and bushes, for eating their
      leaves, berries, fruits, nuts etc, along with the stark fact that
      there is a very great lack of perennial food plants in the
      countryside, and Id love to increase their numbers. I think there has
      been a UK policy, for councils not to plant fruit trees, perhaps
      because of the mess they make, and historically, because it would not
      be in the commercial interests of growers. Chile's chilean pine, the
      monkey puzzle tree, and in another country, the sweet chestnut tree,
      are known to have sustained their populations through hard times, of
      ordinary food shortage.
      > An easy way to getting these thousands of trees planted
      > Put the grow bags on a table and put a sign saying free trees, with
      a description of what they are.
      > You have done enough work, already, with a couple of hours bending
      over picking up thousands of sweet chestnut seeds, and hazels, in
      autumn, and a couple of days planting them in the growbags, in
      > (easy way to keep the seeds stored away from the peskies, just dump
      and mix them in lots of soil, with a lid on, in a box outside, over
      winter, & in the spring keep looking at them for when their roots
      start, and that's when to plant them out, this does work for hazels,
      chestnuts, and walnuts, and plum stones, I don't know about monkey
      puzzle nuts)
      > So along with the sign, tell people to pull the trees out carefully
      by the stem root, and tell them to bring their own bags.
      > Ask people to put a donation, below the growbag, for buying more
      growbags for next year. (just ask for a donation, they'll stick it
      > I put mine on a table up by the lane, I take them to the free
      stalls that I do, and advertise them on freecycle, and advertise them
      on internet, like now, and by word of mouth.
      > You don't even have to plant them, as people who take them, think
      you are simple and naïve for giving them away, and they do all the
      hardest work planting them.
      > Good luck and get going edible tree and plant makers! There's no
      need to form a group, as it's a time consuming pain with all that
      paperwork, and buying and selling, and tax and stuff, you can just go
      ahead and do it, maybe do it with a couple of friends, and spread
      this method and we'll get the country planted up, and have free food
      growing everywhere. Maybe the world.
      > ------------------------------------
      > "Only when the last tree is cut; only when the last river is
      polluted; only when the last fish is caught; only then will they
      realize that you cannot eat money." Cree Proverb
      > So? --be an outlaw and a rebel, stop eating, consuming the earth
      up. do living simple and voluntary simplicity instead!
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voluntary_simplicity and
      > Gift economy, sharing, = abundance, all fed. sharing is
      about us, it is -
      > The gift economy, is community, voluntary work, family, co-
      operatives, open source, scientific knowledge sharing,
      matriarchical societies, free cycle, green movement, permaculture,
      forest gardening, the earth gives and gives and gives. see
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