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Re: [pfaf] apple orchard charlotte

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  • Charles Doty
    Charolett Could you send me some of your Apple seeds The kids and I would love to grow apple trees from seed.
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      Could you send me some of your Apple seeds The kids and I would love to grow apple trees from seed.


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      Subject: [pfaf] apple orchard
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      Date: Friday, October 3, 2008, 8:35 PM

      The apples seeds came from an orchard with about 10 trees that are at least
      50 years old. This year they were overwhelmed with fruit. I picked several
      bags and gave them to the poor in my county, as well as keeping two bags for
      myself. They were similar to Granny Smith, but they were not Granny Smith.
      Very low in sugar, but some red on the skin. One tree is my favorite. All of
      the trees are beautiful. The apples were small to large, and there were so
      many a few large limbs broke at Le Jardin Blanc. I have been getting apples
      there for years in the fall. They are generous because they know I share
      with poor people.
      Most things I plant come up volunteer. I have too many avocado trees. If
      anyone is in the west Atlanta regions and you want a free avocado tree,
      please come by, and I will give you one free.

      The lemon trees live outside in zone 6. The parent tree has black plastic
      (heavy) around it. I shook the lemons out of the tree because they were too
      high, and I couldn't reach them.
      I used a stick to shake the limbs. They have lived through drought with very
      little watering. I water the trees in pots, but not in the ground and those
      are alive. Just amazing that they are so hardy. Last year I gave them away
      freely, and this year, I am savoring every lemon, well after I gave 50 to
      the children I taught all summer.

      There are self watering buckets online. I think the 5 gallon buckets would
      be easier to make self watering. They are free at Chic fil A. I have gotten
      about 15 buckets this year, and 26 buckets last year. I pass on many buckets
      or sell them when volunteer plants like tomatoes I compost come up.

      This past week-end I went to kudzu kollege to discover how to manage kudzu
      with no poisons. Cut the crown, and the root will not spread. Place kudzu
      runners back on itself, and it won't spread. A crown will grow from each
      stem (every 10 inches on the vine) making 368,000 potential crowns per acre..
      There is a machine called a kudzilla that can do extensive work on managing
      kudzu. Also I gave the men in charge tastes of the kudzu and salmon, the
      kudzu leaf jelly using the recipe for mint, and kudzu blossom jelly (recipe
      free online) on buckwheat gluten free tacos, and kudzu juice. I did not
      make chocolate kudzu cake or chocolate kudzu brownies (recipes free on
      www.kudzus.blogspot .com).

      One man is a survivor of prostate cancer, and I shared how the estrogen
      would help his prostate as well as kudzu being anti-carcinogenic. They have
      invented tools like a zippered sleeve that will deflect kudzu from trees as
      well as guy wires to electrical poles. Fences also help. These are available
      at www.kokudzu. com .

      I got a certificate, so I have 3 college degrees now. . . .and they are
      surprised that I am interested in managing kudzu, but they are not
      interested in using kudzu as a resource, but would rather just burn it.
      Although the burning spreads kudzu, and the compost cannot be beat.

      I gave them two tips. The first was to laminate large leaves and strange
      shapes of kudzu. And then to have a contest of who has the largest leaf
      contest. They gave roots and crowns to me. I could grate a root because I
      have not used any recipes for roots. They also gave me a wonderful knife,
      and I will be trying to get crowns. I have one Youtube.com video I made for
      them, and plan to work on a song about kudzilla.

      www.IonWays. com/Liphart

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