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Re: [pfaf] yeast/fungus, boars

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  • Infowolf1@aol.com
    hee hee, sounds like a horror movie! In a message dated 8/30/2008 1:14:42 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, griselda1@btopenworld.com writes: Foxes probably do eat
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      hee hee, sounds like a horror movie!

      In a message dated 8/30/2008 1:14:42 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      griselda1@... writes:

      Foxes probably do eat rats, but in the particular instance of my garden
      the rats (attracted by the hen food I suppose) surged up from
      underground from the old broken drains below ground. I imagine there
      is some sort of rat city somewhere under my garden or very nearby.
      They even ate their way up through the vinyl pond liner thus draining
      it and killing all the fish, and they excavated a great cavern under my
      compost heap so that it fell down into their pit. Meanwhile, foxes
      have not so far got into the garden as it has a high brick wall round
      it, and actually there aren't that many foxes in this town.

      Since I gave the chickens to a family who do not have drains under
      their garden, the hens have flourished picking their way round for
      food, and I have fewer visits from rats. They do still come up
      sometimes, either when building work (pile-driving) in the locality
      disturbs them, or when I put food out for the wild birds which I love.
      They have also excavated a series of tunnels up round the small new
      pond which is made from that rather ugly hard green preformed plastic.
      There are about fifty of these holes under the lip of the pond, which I
      try to fill but it's an impossible task. The pond is there for the

      Incidentally getting the local authority to help keep the rats at bay
      has proved very expensive and ineffective. I quite admire the beauty
      and ingenuity of rats but I don't like them coming into my house and
      kitchen...they burrowed right in under the foundations and up wherever
      they want. Finding a rat on the toaster is not nice and rat poo on the
      cooker is worse. Poison (bought from a farm shop) is useful for
      killing off the odd solo specimen, but does not deal with an invasion
      by a whole family. Latterly I have found that using an electric sonic
      device plugged into the mains keeps them from the house, but has not
      been 100% effective in keeping them from the garden - I think there are
      so many underground that explorers pop up from time to time to

      I think I have read that foxes eat frogs.... I think that might be
      preferable to eating rats. Blasted things.

      But in India (or China?) isn't the government urging people to eat rats
      to prevent all the grain stores being despoiled?


      On 30 Aug 2008, at 01:18, charfair fairchar wrote:

      > Rats have no natural predators? Foxes don't eat rats?

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